Pumpkin Rock: Halloween Hike in Norco

If you are looking for a festive hike in Southern California, right in time for Halloween, look no further than Pumpkin Rock. This massive rock sits on the top of the hill in Norco, and it has become a very popular spot for locals and visitors alike. During the month of October there is no hike more fun then this unique spot. Here’s all the info.

Pumpkin Rock 6


  • About a mile round trip
  • Uphill the entire way


Pumpkin Rock is one of those places I went to just because I saw the rock while driving through the city of Norco. I am not even sure if this is the best way to get there, but I tried to drive as close as I could, and I parked near a trail heading up the mountain. Please make sure to check all of the signs though as you want to abide by them when parking. You can get directions to approximately where I started at the end of the post.

Pumpkin Rock 15

From where I parked, I walked up the horse trail and started on the very steep trail up to the rock.

Pumpkin Rock 18

After the first hill, the trail levels out and you can see both the rock and the last hill you must climb to get there. It is fun to see the rock from here as it is a beacon to the Halloween hiker.

Pumpkin Rock 13

After pushing up the second hill, you will be right under the rock. I liked this picture of it staring at me over the hill!

Pumpkin Rock 7

The rock itself is about 15 feet tall and is bigger than I expected. Depending on when you go, will decide how much graffiti is on the rock. During the year I have gone and seen it covered in graffiti, but during the Halloween season it is almost always clean.

Pumpkin Rock 5

Pumpkin Rock is an excellent viewpoint for sunset and the surrounding city. It is surprising how far you can  see when you are up here.

Pumpkin Rock 2

From up here there is a trail along the entire Norco Ridge if you are looking to add some miles to this short hike. I didn’t have time to do it on this trip but want to in the future.

Pumpkin Rock 12

The views over the city are pretty beautiful, and when you have soaked it all in you simply walk down the steep way, you came up.

Pumpkin Rock 3

If you are looking for a fun hike in time for Halloween, be sure to check out the Pumpkin Rock. Just don’t travel super far for it as the trail is pretty short. When you are up there, grab a piece of trash and pack it out as well, so all of the Halloween hikers have a beautiful place to relax. Feel free to leave me a comment below and get directions if you want to visit.

Special thanks to Michael Van Veghten and Manuel Cruz for cleaning the pumpkin and keeping the graffiti off of it, their work is appreciated!

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  • eatitwithanexpression

    Haha this is so cool!!

    • Thanks for the comment! For sure a fun Halloween hike!

    • Michael Vern Van Veghten

      It’s pretty again!

  • Jessica Chang

    Just went today! Really short hike, but the pumpkin was so cute haha. They repainted it. It now has round eyes and jack skeleton kind of mouth. No more grafitti though!

    • That is awesome! Thanks for the comment, I hope to get up there again and see it all clean!

      • Michael Vern Van Veghten

        Hey Josh, any shot at you posting some of the pics of it clean and pretty? I’m the one that repainted it, and I’m going up today actually to touch it up, and will be taking care of it from here on. (909) 262-4579. I’d love to see you do an update of the article now that it isn’t gross. We could use more tourism, and the graffiti was a turn off. The woman that used to do it twice a year got on in years, and it seems I have taken the torch. I have photos of it pretty. Please contact me if you’d like to help. It hurts to see it broadcast this way when we worked so hard to make it nice.

        • Michael Vern Van Veghten

          Actually… By the 8th we had painted it by the 8th. We did it on the 6th. We just missed you!!!!

        • Michael Vern Van Veghten


          • Jenna

            Hi Michael! I’m headed up there this weekend. Thank you for your hard work!!! Looking forward to it and I’ll post pictures!

  • Michael Vern Van Veghten

    Lilliana, I know some of it. It was originally called Elephant Rock, or Elephant Butt Rock because when it was still grey, that hairline crack at the top looked like an elephant tail.
    It’s been many things over the years. A Unocal 76 ball, a pumpkin as seen here, I believe it’s even been painted as an ornament around Christmas. It’s also a well ridden horse trail in Norco. Some of the routes up to the rock are a big accomplishment and statement for the quality, training, and stamina of your horse.

  • Stephanie

    We hiked up yesterday. The pumpkin’s face is still in good shape. The graffiti is only on the back. Thanks for all of your adventure posts. We refer to them often for day trips.

    • Sophie

      Where do you park exactly?

      • Stephanie

        Sophie, We parked on the residential street, Crestview Dr where it curves, exactly as it’s shown on the map above. Just past Trakehner Pl. There is a chain link fence (with an equestrian center on the other side), on one side of the street and houses on the other. We saw no parking restrictions there.

    • No problem, I hiked up too. I need to update the post with pictures of the pumpkin without graffiti!

  • Nicole Rosenbaum

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/42c6d06f103856b41a95dc3aa9c2bd4ad881001aba74c574d83704fb347fe1d0.jpg Just went today! So much fun! The rock looks great and all the kids enjoyed playing around on the boulders!

    • Thanks for the comment and sharing the photo! Such a fun hike for sure

  • Harry

    When driving, is it possible to see Pumpkin Rock from the 91 freeway? I read a review of someone saying that she could see it if you look closely?