Roaring Camp & Big Trees Railroad: Riding a Steam Engine Through the Redwoods

During my visit to Henry Cowell Redwood State Park, I basically stumbled on the fact that the Roaring Camp Railroad is right on the other side of its parking lot. After walking around the beautiful Redwood Grove Trail, I went over to check out the train and grabbed a ticket for the ride that was leaving 15 minutes from then. It was an amazing experience and one that I wholeheartedly recommend, check out all the information on it below.

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  • Check the website for running times but normally only twice a day
  • Cost: $27
  • Takes about an hour and a half

Getting There

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After parking in their lot (paid) or the state park lot (I recommend this as you can visit the park and other parks in the area the same day with one cost), you can head over on the short trail into Roaring Camp.

Big Trees Railroad

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The area where the steam engine leaves from has a lot of things to do like a small store, restaurant and even a museum type area.

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I didn’t spend a lot of time walking around since I was there only 15 minutes before my train, but it seemed like it had some fun stuff for families.

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I grabbed a ticket from the store, walked around to see the train cars on the outskirts and then waited in the loading area for the train to pull up. I would recommend waiting here as it is fun to see the train come in and get filled with water (over 800 gallons needed to power the steam engine for the ride).

roaring camp train ride-1

After it stops, they will let you on the cars, and it is open seating so you can sit wherever you like. They don’t check your tickets when you get on, but they do as the train is going so make sure you have one.

roaring camp train ride-6

After filling up with water the train took off and started the 30 minute journey to the top of the hill. I cannot even explain how fun it is to hear the train horn, see the steam spewing out the top and watch as it winds its way up the mountain. As a full grown adult by myself, I loved it and was happy I paid to do it.

roaring camp train ride-7

The train gets into the forest pretty quickly and winds around the outskirts of the Redwood Grove Trail.

roaring camp train ride-8

It then crosses an old trestle which is always fun to see, before starting its uphill climb.

roaring camp train ride-9

You continue to wind your way through redwoods and other trees while the conductor talks about the forest and the area.

roaring camp train ride-11

When you reach the old trestle that burned partially years ago, you will start the first of a few switchbacks.

roaring camp train ride-10

Yep, the train stops, changes tracks and then goes up a set of switchbacks. This is pretty fun and doesn’t take long.

roaring camp train ride-12

This part is the steepest uphill of the journey, and the train was letting out a ton of smoke to make it up the final push.

roaring camp train ride-14

When you reach the top of Bear Mountain, the train stops and allows you to explore for 10 minutes.

roaring camp train ride-13

There is a bathroom up there and a small redwood grove. I opted to use my ten minutes on the grove. The grove was great with lots of trees all around a circle, and it was a fun addition to the trip.

roaring camp train ride-15

This is also a very good time to take photos of the engine as well which I imagine you will want to do as it is awesome.

roaring camp train ride-16

After the horn sounds, everyone loads back on for the ride down. It is mainly the same track with a few differences but it is beautiful to see it again and to spend another 30 minutes with the train. I made a short video on my time here below if you want to get a better understanding of the experience.

All in all, this is a fantastic stop, one that I really enjoyed. I am glad I stumbled on it and am happy that I spent my $27 to have this experience. Let me know what you think if you go, and check out this post for more things to see in the area.

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