Grauman’s Chinese Theater: Movies and Celebrity Footprints

I would put Graumen’s Chinese Theater as one of the quintessential Los Angeles landmarks along with the Hollywood Sign, but until recently I had no idea that the public could actual go on a regular day and see a movie there. It is a famous place where many of the Hollywood premiers are held and […]

Crazee Burger: Kangaroo, Gator & Buffalo Burgers in San Diego

With all the traveling I have done in my life I like to think of myself as a “I’ll try anything once” kind of eater. I mean I’m no Anthony Bourdain but I have eaten raw meat in Ethiopia, escargot in France and have even sampled the multiple ways they make conch (sea slug) in […]

Griffith Observatory: Stargazing, Tesla Coil & LA Skyline

One of my favorite places to visit and view to see in all of Los Angeles is that of the Griffith Observatory. Not only is it one of the best observatories in the United States but it is entirely free, surrounded by hiking trails and it even allows the visitor to see through one of […]

Big Sur: Highway 1’s Perfect Coast

I would venture to say that almost no stretch of 40 miles in the entire United States can compare to the beauty that is found in the Big Sur region of California. It is full of pristine untouched coastline, vast bridges, waterfalls, redwoods, flowers and vistas at every turn. To drive it is to experience […]

Exploring Mission San Juan Capistrano: A Photographic Guide

While growing up in Southern California I must have been sick during the school trip that takes you to this mission, as everyone that I have talked to has been here other then me. Since that was case, I decided make a full day out of it and to see the Mission San Juan Capistrano […]