Falafels Drive In: Awesome Middle Eastern Food in San Jose

As one of the most popular places for a meal in San Jose, Falafels Drive-In is always busy, but it is worth the wait. This walk-up counter spot makes falafel sandwiches and other types of Middle Eastern food, all with their own unique sauces and side dishes like the pita chip fries. I finally got […]

Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum in San Jose

If you are in San Jose and looking for something really unique to do, then look no further the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum. This museum sits on a large property in downtown San Jose and it has rooms full of unusual artifacts plus a few acres of stuff to explore outside as well. Here is all […]

World’s Largest Monopoly in a Park in San Jose

In a small park in the middle of downtown San Jose, there is a giant Monopoly board that holds the Guinness World Record for largest in the world. While you can only play it by setting it up in advance with the city, it is still fun to see and take pictures of. Here is all […]

Mission San Jose: California’s 14th Mission

Mission San Jose was the fourteenth of the Spanish California Missions, and it was founded by Father Lasuen in 1797. This mission is one that had extended periods of decline over the last two centuries, but it has been reconstructed so that it is currently a prime example of the missions system in California. I […]

Winchester Mystery House In San Jose, CA

By far one of the strangest places I have written about on the blog is the Winchester Mystery House, built by the Winchester rifle fortune. The house is full of mazes, corridors, doors and windows that lead to full brick walls and even a door in a second story room that drops entirely to the ground outside […]