Toads Hollow: A Tunnel Underpass for Toads in Davis

If you are driving through Davis and want to see a strange, quick five minute stop then why not head over to Toads Hollow, the tunnel that helps toads safely cross the road. This collection of houses and small toad statues, located in a USPS lot, has a slew of unique history and is not something you see everyday. Here is all the info:

Toad Hollow-5


  • Park in the USPS
  • Takes less than 5 minutes to see

Getting There

Toad Hollow-6

It is hard to find this spot unless you really know what you are looking for. I drove around for 15 minutes trying to find it. Also, do not go to the dog park which is also called Toad’s Hollow since it is not there. After arriving at the USPS on Pole Line Road you will want to park in the attached lot then walk over to the area where you can drive thru and leave your mail, this is where you will see Toads Hollow.


Toad Hollow-2

The short history of Toads Hollow is that this used to be a dirt road that was known by the locals to always have toads crossing it to get back and forth from their habitat. When the city decided to create a 6 lane highway here the locals were up in arms and basically demanded that they create a way for toads to safely cross the street. Thus, $14,000 later a toad tunnel was built under the road and Toads Hollow was created.

Toad Hollow-7

There is not much more to say about Toads Hollow other than to show you a few pictures of the area itself. It is not much more than a drain pipe but there is a toad house that was built near the entrance with little toads painted in the windows.

Toad Hollow-3

There is also fake solar panels on the roof and a sign that states the toads are going green. Yes, it is silly, but I like finding the random and fun spots to visit and this is definitely one of them. If you like strange stuff like I do then you might as well check it out, it will only take a few minutes.

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