Yankee Jim’s Bridge in Colfax

Yankee Jim’s Bridge is a suspension bridge in the city of Colfax that was built over 90 years ago, and that is a historic bridge with a great swimming hole below it. Just getting to the bridge is an adventure though with a 3 mile, mostly one lane dirt road that you must traverse to even arrive at the bridge itself. If you like historic bridges like I do though then you owe it to yourself to see Yankee Jim’s Bridge, especially since it is scheduled for demolition to make way for a safer bridge in the next year or so. Here is all the information.


  • 3.5 miles on a one-lane dirt road
  • $10 to park if you want to swim below the bridge
  • Make sure to note the bridge dimensions and weight restriction before taking your car over it.

Getting There

I would recommend pulling up directions to the bridge in Google Maps (before you go out there in case you lose reception) but plan on it taking at least 25 minutes to get there after getting off Highway 80.

The Bridge

After arriving and grabbing one of the half-dozen or so parking spots, pay your fee (self-registration) then you can head down to the water or walk on the bridge itself.

Before parking, I drove over the bridge twice, and it is a little sketchy with the way it sounds and feels like it is moving. This is worse when you are walking on it though as you can really feel the sway.

If you walk on it, watch for cars as this bridge is only a little over one lane so you will need to stand to the side for a car to pass.

After surviving driving over it, I headed down to the water.

It was the last weekend of the summer, so there were a bunch of people hanging out and enjoying the water. It looked like a nice place to hang out, and I wish I would have been able to stay and swim.

I saw a lot of people cliff jumping while I was there as well; I would not recommend you do this though.

After exploring for a little bit I headed back up the steep hill to where I parked and started heading back out.

All in all, this is an entertaining adventure in the Auburn area. If you have a half to full day, then make the dirt road trek and hang out by the swimming hole. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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