Ostrich Land: An Ostrich Farm Off The 101

Having traveled the coast many times in my life I always try to stumble on something new and interesting during my treks. Once when driving back with my sister we took a detour to Solvang and drove past Ostrich Land. Without so much as a question we pulled in to see what would be in store for us there. One of the greatest decisions in my life, OK I exaggerated, but still Ostrich Land is pretty cool. Ostrich Land is described as:

“Our 50 amazing ostriches and emus are adored by people of all ages. You can think of OstrichLand like a zoo. Our Ostriches and Emus are here for your enjoyment. The backdrop of the landscape on which they roam is quite lovely and seeing them walking about on the plain that resembles their native desert is like being in another place and time. Visitors are invited to feed the animals, or just stand back and enjoy the interactions and antics of these unbelievably large birds.”

When you pull up to Ostrich Land you enter a relatively small store. The store has everything from stuffed ostriches and feathers to ostrich meat and jerky (not from any of the ostriches on this ostrich farm though). The highlight of the stop though is the 4 dollar admission that gets you a dog bowl sized amount of food which you can bring out to feed the ostriches and emus on the farm.

Interacting with the ostriches is truely unique. They know that you are bringing food so they always wait by the fence to see what you have, their large necks can manuever so freely from their body that it is slightly creepy watching them. You don’t want to get too close to the birds because they will bite you, but most of the time it is only in an effort to try and get the food. I have been three times and never seen anyone get bit, but still I wouldn’t try to pet them or anything.

Here is a video from my Instagram that shows how the feeding process works.


If you head further down the farm you can see younger birds and even small baby ostriches when we were there. At the end they even have Emu’s which resemble some type of creepy dinosaurish bird and I cannot say I am the biggest fan of them, but it is cool to see their very blue heads.

The ostrich farm also has signs you can pose with and other things to interact with, but after your food is gone you probably wont spend much time hanging out.

All in all stopping at the ostrich farm is a great way to spend 4 dollars. You will have pictures and a unique experience to remember. Check out the rest of the photos and get directions below.


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