Ashford Mill in Death Valley

Ashford Mill is a short stop on the way to Badwater or eventually Furnace Creek located on Highway 178. At Ashford Mill, you can see the remains of what was once a small mining town built around 1914.

Getting There

Ashford Mills is pretty far away from everything in Death Valley. It is on the way in or out if you are heading through Baker, but other than that you would probably not see it. It is located a good 12 or so miles from Badwater. There is a small dirt lot but it has never had more than one car in it when I have been there.

The Ruins and History


The town itself was built about 5 miles east of where the actual mine was and what they mined had to be trucked in via mules. Ashford Mill is located at 121 feet below sea level and as you continue on the road the elevation continues to drop before leveling out at Badwater.


So what is there to see today? Not a whole lot. It is worth a stop as it is literally a minute off the road and less than 50 feet to walk, but do not expect a lot to see. It is a pretty beautiful area to have a bathroom stop at though as you can see below.

There is a plaque with information on the town, the ruins of a building, and a couple of other small areas. It is worth it if you are taking your time going through Death Valley, but if you are on a limited schedule you can probably skip it. The ruins are very well preserved though which is nice to see.


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