Baker: Attractions at the Desert Oasis on the Drive to Vegas

The town of Baker is a place that has made a name for itself based on its giant thermometer and its location right on the 15 freeway in the middle of Las Vegas and Los Angeles. It is also the main way to enter Death Valley from the south side, but I feel it is not used as often for that as it is for pit stops. So what do you do if you find yourself in Baker? Read this post to find out.

Statue of the Man who Discovered the South Pole (stolen and no longer here)

Baker (1)

Yep, you read that right, the first thing you should do on your trip through Baker is stop and pose with the statue of Roald Amundsen, the man who discovered the South Pole.


Now I know what you are wondering,”why is it here.” Short answer, I have no idea, but I am totally cool with that. When I was there the plaque was gone, but it used to read “Discoverer of the South Pole, was the ancestor of Pike’s Service Center founders Milton Pike (formally Marlowe Amundsen) and Thelma Hutton Pike, Parents of Gale H Pike).” I have been told that it is no longer there so you might not be able to see it (2017 update).

Mad Greek

Mad Greek Baker 3

While there are a lot of food options like Quiznos, Subway, Dairy Queen and Denny’s, for my money the best food in Baker is the Mad Greek. You can read my full review but just make sure to get a Gyro and some baklava.

World’s Tallest Thermometer

Baker Thermometer-7

The thermometer was fixed, and you can now see the working temperature when you drive by. It houses a gift shop at its base, and you can read about it here. You will want to take a picture of the world’s largest thermometer though, and it is even better that it is now actually alive again.

Alien Jerky

Baker (2)

Let’s face it, this place rules. Even if the jerky wasn’t good, it is, or it didn’t have lots of cold drinks, it does, this would still be an epic place to stop because it has what you really need, fun alien stuff.

Baker (3)

There are a couple aliens sitting in a car outside, a UFO on the roof and an alien sitting under the sign. You can buy everything from fake Area 51 access passes to multiple jerkies. I recommend you try the whiskey or the honey teriyaki. Alien Jerky is a great last stop as you leave Baker.


Here is a video I made with more spots to explore on the way to Vegas as well.

So there you have it, a perfect way to spend 15 minutes while driving through Baker on the way to Vegas. I would love to hear if I missed anything in the comments so feel free to let me know.

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  • Ethos Adventures

    I’m pretty sure you covered everything noteworthy in Baker. 😉 I would add that it is also an excellent way point if you are headed to Tecopa Hot Springs of Death Valley Junction for more weirdness!

  • Last Adventurer

    You’ve definitely covered Baker extensively, but I think the best thing about Baker is being outside of it in Zzyzx! You should check that out next time you’re out there!

    • haha I actually did! I have a post going up in the next week on it, I will check out yours as well.

      • Last Adventurer

        Very nice! I should have known you’d head there too! 🙂

        • Ya I usually travel under the motto “one thing is good, 15 are better.” haha so one adventure usually leads to seeing everything I can in that area.

  • Haha made me laugh! I’d certainly like to get to take a picture in some of these spots.

    • Thanks for the comment, there are some picture worthy spots in Baker for sure!

  • Kippin Hoffman

    Thermometer is working now. Looks cool at night.

    • Sweet, thanks for the heads up! I am excited to see it in action again

  • Jencalifornia

    Thank you for the trip insight Josh! I”m going to do all of them on my way to Vegas this week! I saw California Gold show on Zzyzx just the other day too.

    • Thanks for the comment, I like stopping in Baker as their are a few good stops that are really quick. I hope you have fun on the drive!

  • A few years ago, I was a writer for the newspaper (After I was a teacher, before I was a nurse). I did an article on what was new in Las Vegas at the time and a smaller, second article on Baker (which included Zzyzx Road and what was at the end of it). I was back in Baker just a few months ago. The thermometer IS working again. However there are other updates you should know about. Alien Fresh Jerky is getting a complete makeover, including a Vegas-style billboard with changing digital graphics. Also, the statue of Roald Amundsen was stolen more than a year ago and has yet to be recovered. ARGH! I was crushed to learn that. I had failed to get a selfie with him the first time I was there…and can’t do it now that he is gone. Dang.

    • Oh bummer, I didn’t realize that but that is a drag that the statue is no longer there!

      • I KNOW. It’s not likely to ever be replaced either… Heading out on another little trip in mid_october to the Central Coast. Then, less than a week later, back to Los Angeles for a quickie before flying off to Washington (which you do not cover. Ha!) to visit family. I’ll have to poke around your site some more and see if there are any groovy places to check out I don’t already know about. CHEERS and thanks for the replies (here and the other two I commented on). Really–this is a GREAT site.

        • No problem, thanks for checking out the site and for your comments. I appreciate it! I hope you have fun exploring the Central Coast, I love that area.