Himalaya Restaurant: Eat Nepalese Food on Pillows in Ventura

As with most of my travels, I am always looking for the fun and unusual places to both visit and eat at. When I was staying in Ventura in 2016, I happened upon the Himalaya Restaurant and decided I might as well give it a try. I was immediately excited about the possibility of sitting on pillows on the floor while I enjoyed my food, and having just returned from Nepal, I had a good idea of the way the food would taste. Here is all the information on this fun spot.

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  • Cost: $10-$15 a person
  • Hours: Everyday 11 AM-3 PM and 5 PM-9:30 PM
  • Location: 35 W Main St, Ventura, CA 93001
  • Information from my visit in 2016

Himalaya Cuisine Ventura 2

Since I wanted to sit on the floor, I called to make a reservation for one of the three floor tables they had. You do not have to do this as they have tables as well to sit at but it is a fun way to dine. I arrived, was ushered in, and asked to remove my shoes before sitting down to my table.

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After asking for suggestions, I ended upon the sampler platter called “Monsoon Wedding,” which included: 2 entrees, 2 rice dishes, 2 daal, 2 Naan, 2 Chutney, and 2 desserts for $35. While more expensive than ordering off the menu, I always opt for this at Indian or Nepalese places as they will give you a good sampling of what they are known for, and it lets you try a lot without having to be confused by the menu.

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While this does say it was for two people, there is so much food that four people probably could have eaten it.

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The flavors of everything were on point though, and I really enjoyed the way the naan and the daal tasted together. I was a huge fan of the mango chutney when I was in India too, and was happy to see that it was done well here.

Himalaya Cuisine Ventura 6

For dessert, I went with the Gulab Jamun, which is like a round donut hole that is soaked in sugar. I always enjoy these, and here was no different.

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After 45 minutes of sitting on the ground, I was happy to get up, but I am glad I had this experience as it is much more unique than traditional dining at a table. I did eat on the ground a couple of times while traveling in India and Nepal, so it does go with the culture.

Himalaya Cuisine Ventura 7

If you are adventurous with your food, then you should give this place a try. I enjoyed it, the food was excellent, and the servers were friendly. Who knows, you might even come to love Indian and Nepalese food when you are done.

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