The Hatch Rotisserie & Bar: Deconstructed Southern Food in Paso Robles

Located in the beautiful downtown Paso Robles, The Hatch Rotisserie & Bar is a fun little spot with a pristine brick laid interior, fun cocktails & unique deconstructed southern food. The menu really does have everything here, from drinks with whiskey and pickle juice to ramen and chicken and waffles. Its a fun spot for a night out in Paso Robles, here is my full review.

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  • Cost: $15-$19 a person
  • Hours: Mon- Wed: 5PM-9PM, Thurs – Sat: 5PM-10PM
  • Location: 835 13th Street, Paso Robles, CA

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The interior is relatively small with a large bar on one side and a bunch of tables on the other. It is a simple yet minimal style that goes well with the unique food that they serve.

The Food

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The menu is eclectic with everything from meatloaf and ramen to creole mussels and chicken & waffles. I was there with a large group so we tried a little bit of everything. Here are some of the things we ordered.

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Roasted Cauliflower Appetizer – The roasted cauliflower is to die for, which is saying a lot as I try to stay away from cauliflower. It’s grilled to perfection and has Parmesan on top. The sauce that goes with it is a like a sweet sauce with a little spice and it is fantastic.

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Potatoes – Another fantastic side, the potatoes are roasted in buttermilk aioli and lightly crusted in salt. The buttermilk aioli they put on top is a great addition that is super creamy and the whole thing comes out in a cast iron pan.

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Hatch Chicken – Juicy chicken with a lot of flavor that falls off the bone. It comes with two sauces, a buttermilk dip that is creamy and hot sauce that is really spicy. I liked putting both of them together and mixing it with the chicken.

For dessert we also got two different options which were:

The Hatch-5

Hootch Cake – A moist cake with butter pecan ice cream, caramel and liquor on top. Strong liquor flavor but really good with a small crunch in the cake.

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Chocolate Crémeux – Served in a mason jar, this chocolate pudding dish had a vanilla buttermilk creme and a light blood orange taste. My favorite of the desserts as it was rich but fantastic.

As you can see this is a unique spot with southern food, lots of buttermilk sauces and nontraditional takes on a fresh cooked meal. I really liked the atmosphere here and thought it went well with all of the crazy flavors and fun drinks. If you are looking for a good spot in downtown Paso Robles then I recommend you give The Hatch Rotisserie and Bar a try. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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