Little Baldy Dome Trail in Sequoia National Park

If you are looking for a trail in Sequoia National Park that isn’t well-known and doesn’t show up on the park map, then you should consider giving the excellent Little Baldy Dome Trail a try. This hike is a decent 4 miles round trip with a good amount of uphill, but the view at the top is just as good as Moro Rock, and it provides a much different perspective. Here is all the information.

Little Baldy Dome-1


  • 4 Miles round trip
  • 1,000 feet of elevation gain
  • Trailhead: 11 miles north of the Giant Forest Village on the Generals Highway
  • Read more about Sequoia National Park here.

After parking at the turnout for the Little Baldy Saddle, you will proceed across the road and start hiking up the hill on a dirt singletrack.

Little Baldy Dome-3

From here, the trail continues a gradual incline with dozens of switchbacks for about the next mile and a half.

Little Baldy Dome-4

Along the way, the trail starts to get above the trees and provide lots of amazing views of the sea of firs and Big Baldy in the distance. Also, when looking out over a group of trees, the trees that look like broccoli tops are sequoias. We saw a grove out in the distance, as you can see in the middle of the below photo.

Little Baldy Dome-17

I had the opportunity to go with a ranger and learned a lot about the trees and plant life that we were looking at. You can see both a white and a red fir in the photo below. Also, the Ponderosa has a bark that smells like butterscotch, be sure to smell it for yourself if you see one.

Little Baldy Dome-2

After finishing the switchbacks, we made our way to the top of the ridge and started to walk along a more flat area towards the dome.

Little Baldy Dome-7

One of my favorite parts of the trail was when we started this flat section. In it we passed through a vast grove of new growth trees as you can see below.

Little Baldy Dome-8

After walking through them, we saw the dome in the distance and walked the last tenth of a mile up the granite slab to the top of the dome.

Little Baldy Dome-10

We even saw some wildlife on this trail, including many birds and a few lizards.

Little Baldy Dome-15

Once you reach the summit, you are greeted with fantastic views in all directions, and it is one of those places that you will want to spend time just sitting and soaking it all in.

Little Baldy Dome-11

The dome itself is pretty massive, so you can walk all around it and get lots of different views from all of the different angles.

Little Baldy Dome-14

I imagine this being an excellent spot for both sunrise and sunset, but even in the middle of the day, it was a fantastic hike that I enjoyed. I hope to do Big Baldy next time I am there so I can compare the two.

Little Baldy Dome-12

After taking in the view, you will simply follow the trail back down the way you came, hopefully, invigorated by the beauty you just experienced.

Little Baldy Dome-13

All in all, this is one of the better hikes I have done in the park as it is not too difficult but has a huge payoff. Let me know if you have been in the comments and what you thought of the hike.

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