Madonna Inn – Eclectic Rooms, Amazing Food & Fountain Urinals

One of California’s most famous spots is the gem of a hotel located off Highway 1 in San Luis Obispo called the Madonna Inn. This hotel prides itself on having no one room the same, and the amount of weirdness present in the rooms creation are unlike any hotel in the world. It has rooms completely made of rock, rooms with nothing but pink and rooms that would make Austin Powers proud. The hotel also features a famous bar, dining area, pool and infamous urinal that allows men to pee right into a waterfall fountain. All of this adds to the charm of this eclectic hotel.

Madonna Inn Sign Black and White

The Rooms – Old World Suite

I wish this was more comprehensive, but as I have only stayed in this one room you may also want to pursue this link to see what else they have to offer. That being said the “Old World Suite” that I stayed in was all sorts of epic. The room itself is fully rock with rock ceilings, floor and walls.

Madonna Inn Old World Suite

It has a kitchen complete with four chairs and a sink, and a full rock fireplace that operates with a wall switch.

Madonna Inn 15

Past the rock wall that divides the living room is the bedroom complete with a red bed that matches the rock well.

Madonna Inn 16

From there you enter the bathroom with a waterfall that runs water down a series of rock steps into the basin to wash your hands, and a shower enclosure that has a set of two rock showers that rain on you, as well as a normal showerhead.

Madonna Inn 2

It is one of those rooms you never want to leave.

The Dining Room

Madonna Inn Dining Room

The dining room in the main lobby is also a site to behold. It is largely pink with lots of booths that the patrons can sit in. I didn’t eat here on this trip but I have before and it is great, however, it is pricey.

Copper Cafe and Horseshoe Lounge

Madonna Inn Copper Cafe

Another must see in the hotel is the Copper Cafe with the Horseshoe Bar. The horseshoe bar is exactly that, a horseshoe that guests can sit around to order everything from food and drinks to their famous cakes.

Madonna Inn Horseshoe bar

Amie and I each tried a slice of cake, and if you only have two people you really only need one as these are huge!

Madonna Inn 11

Copper Cafe is also a great place for breakfast if you are staying in the hotel.

Mens Urinal Fountain

Madonna Inn Urinal

One of the most famous attractions at the Madonna Inn is that of the Mens downstairs lobby bathroom. This urinal is unlike any you have used before and when you step up to the area a motion sensors turns on a fountain from the ceiling that runs water down a rock wall before it cascades off to the ground below. You simply relieve yourself into that water stream. Almost every time I have gone there have been women in the men’s bathroom checking it out as it is one of the reasons people come to the inn.

Madonna Inn 4

Now if all of this doesn’t make you want to stay here, the towns surrounding it of San Luis Obispo, Pismo Beach and Morro Bay also have a ton of fun things for the traveler to do. Making Madonna Inn an all around great place to spend a night or a week on a vacation. Check out the rest of the pictures and make sure to book the rooms you want in advance as some of the popular ones book out a year ahead.

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  • Jinx

    Hey Josh, do you have any blogs about other places to stay along the PCH (between LA and Santa Barbara) that are not camping spots? My son and I are looking for inexpensive, interesting places to stay….a ranch maybe or a bed and breakfast?

    • Unfortunately I don’t really have any recommendations between those two spots, I will have to research that.. Sorry, but enjoy PCH, it is amazing!

      • Jinx

        Wow! Josh! Thank you for taking the time to answer us! I honestly didn’t expect to hear from you! Bless you. We will let you know if we find some place worthy of your blog. My son, 16, just bought his first SLR camera, a Nikkon, and is thrilled about taking pics on the PCH, especially seals!

  • JerseyNicky

    Hi Josh, thanks so much for this awesome blog! I’m planning to take my hubby on a surprise 40th birthday road trip down the PCH. We will be flying into San Fran and departing from San Diego. We only have 5 nights. I’m so fascinated with the Madonna Inn that I’m trying to figure out how to incorporate a 1 night stay there and was looking for your thoughts on which night to do that on. I was originally thinking of staying in San Fran on night 1 as we are arriving around 12:30pm from an east coast flight. Would staying night 2 make sense or night 3? I would ideally like to spend the last 2 nights in San Diego since we’ve never been there so I’m trying to plan our overnight trips along the coast so that we can make that work. Any input you have would be very much appreciated. Thanks! Jerseynicky

    • Thanks for the comment. That is a hard call and it really does depend on what you want to see. I would probably do night 3 if it was me cause then it gives you more time on the Big Sur coast, which is a slow drive as well. But if you skip the Big Sur coast then you could do night 2. You can make it from Madonna Inn to San Diego in one day but it would require about 5 – 6 hours of driving. Hopefully that helps, let me know if you have more questions.