Millerton Point Hike at Tomales State Park

While driving along Highway 1 in the Tomales Bay section of Pacific Coast Highway, you will see a turnout for Millerton Point. If you have 30 minutes to spare, then I suggest you pull over and check it out. This is a beautiful area to explore, one that I have never seen anyone at and a great short stop on Pacific Coast Highway. Here is all the information:

Tomales bay-4


  • Quarter mile hike
  • Free parking
  • Pit toilets
  • Information from my visit in 2016

Tomales bay-10

After parking in the small dirt lot, you will see a single track trail that leads out to the right of the trees. I took this trail up the small hill and was immediately given a beautiful view of the bay itself. 

Tomales bay-1

From here, you can take the trail down to the water line and just sit and take it all in. I loved this view as it was a perfect spot to relax with literally no one around. 

Tomales bay-5

There were also a lot of oyster shells on the beach, which was unique and would be fun for children to see. I think this is because of all the oyster farming that is done in the area.

Tomales bay-8

The beach was calm as the water slowly lapped up onto it, and I just took ten minutes to walk along it and peer out over the bay to the surrounding landscape.

Tomales bay-6

After walking on along the water, I headed back to the trees where I parked, and there was a small trail that will lead you back to the lot and complete the short loop.

Tomales bay-9 

There isn’t a lot more to say about this spot other than that it is a great place to stop on a drive up PCH. It has beautiful views, no people and an easy to access bathroom, what more could you want? Let me know what other stops you recommend in Tomales Bay in the comments.

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