Palm Springs Air Museum: Historic Planes in the Desert

Even though most people spend their time by the pool and hardly leave the hotel when in Palm Springs there are a lot of great options in the city for exploring historic houses and fun museums. One example of that is the airplane museum right on the other side of the Palm Springs airport. This museum is full of beautifully preserved planes, has volunteers that actually flew them to answer your questions and is overloaded with information for you to learn about the wars and the planes that were a part of them. Here is all the information:

Airplane Museum-20


  • Cost: $16
  • Hours: 10AM – 5PM
  • Location: 745 N Gene Autry Trail, Palm Springs, CA 92262

The Museum

Airplane Museum-4

This is one of those museums that would take a long time to try to perfectly describe. While it is not huge it does have a lot of things to see and a lot of information to take in. Because of that I will just show you some of my favorites parts in photos and encourage you to go take a few hours and walk around the museum and talk to the volunteers yourself. Many of them flew these planes and have a ton of stories that you would never hear or know without spending the time to talk to them.

Airplane Museum-2

The museum is broken up into two big hangers, one for Europe and one for the Pacific.  Each showcase the unique planes and strategies that were used for the war in those locations. Here are a few pictures:

Airplane Museum-7

Airplane Museum-6

Airplane Museum-13

Airplane Museum-18

I also really liked seeing all of the artwork that was painted on the sides of the planes, here a few of them in a collage.

Airplane Museum Art-1

Outside of the two hangers there are a whole bunch of planes that you can walk around and see as well, here are a few photos:

Airplane Museum-17

Airplane Museum-16

Airplane Museum-9

One of the things you can see on the outside is an actual cockpit that you can climb up into and explore. I was shocked by how small it was for so many people, as a six foot tall man I couldn’t even stand up in the plane cockpit.

Airplane Museum-14

Santa Fly In

If you are in the area during Christmas time they have a fantastic thing they do for kids where they actually have Santa fly in on the plane and you can watch him land then talk to him.

Airplane Museum-1

I happened to be here when this was happening and really enjoyed it, be sure to check the dates if you want to see this next year. They also had snow you could play in as well. All in all this is a fantastic museum with a lot of awesome stuff to see. I really recommend going and exploring it for yourself while in Palm Springs. Let me know if you have been in the comments

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