Pelican State Beach: Last Beach in California

As the Northernmost state beach in California, Pelican State Beach is a small, beautiful and eerie stretch of sand. It is located only 3 minutes drive from the Oregon border and with no sign leading to it and a road that looks like it hasn’t been maintained in year it is a remote but beautiful place to visit. You can see both the Oregon and California coastline from here and the beach itself is free, why not stop by for a few minutes?

Pelican State Beach-13


  • Free
  • .1 mile walk to the beach
  • Massive potholes on the road

Pelican State Beach-14

After turning off on White Rock Loop Road you will drive about .1 mile down to the sign and dirt road that leads to the parking lot for Pelican State Beach. The road was covered in massive potholes that my small Toyota had to make sure it dodged to avoid problems. It appears this beach does not get much traffic.

Pelican State Beach-1

Once at the parking lot I was the only car there and I parked right next to the trail and walked the short .1 miles down to the beach.

Pelican State Beach-2

The trail leads your through long yellow grasses, down to a pristine stretch of coastline that was shrouded in fog when I was there.

Pelican State Beach-3

There was driftwood was strewn all over the sand and this was redwood drift wood so it was massive and provided a lot of great photographic opportunities. I wandered the coastline for a few minutes and watched the angry sea that had been all mixed up in the storm we were experiencing.

Pelican State Beach-7

I also noticed that as the waves crashed on the shore they left a film / froth behind them that the wind whisked away. I am not sure if this is due to the storm or something that always happens on this beach, it was pretty though from a photographic point of view.

Pelican State Beach-10

Pelican State Beach-11

Just as I was leaving the sun shone through the clouds and danced on the waves as it gave a yellow hue to all the days grey. That was enough for me to just sit in awe of the sheer beauty that was hiding behind the rough storm. 

Pelican State Beach-9

I sat for 15 minutes on the beach by myself before the cold and the wind forced me back to my car. 

Pelican State Beach-5

Pelican State Beach-8

Pelican State Beach-12

All in all it was a 30 minute diversion on my roadtrip and the peaceful beauty that it presented was a photographers dream. If you have been I would love to hear about it in the comments as I felt like I was one a few people who had truly seen Pelican State Beach when I was there.

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