Pie Not: Aussie Style Bakery with Meat Pies (Closed)

This location closed in 2019.

I stumbled on the place entirely by accident; I was heading to Sidecar Donuts but forgot that it closed at 4 PM, so I just went into the spot next door and to my surprise, it was an Australian meat pie shop that was utterly fantastic. I was not sure what a meat pie was before I came in, but I would put it in the realm of a pot pie but not as liquid of a consistency. We were advised to pick up the pies by hand to eat them, and it was much easier and less messy then I anticipated. Here are all the details on the strange and pleasant spot. 

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  • Hours: 7 AM – 9 PM, seven days a week
  • Cost: $6.50 for a pie
  • Location: 270 E 17th St #17, Costa Mesa, CA 92627
  • Information from my visit in 2016

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The interior of the shop is just a small counter that you order from with no interior seating. The pies are presented much like a donut shop in a glass case, and the workers there were happy to walk me through all of the options. The options ranged from lamb, chicken, and beef to even gluten-free and vegetarian. I settled on the beef and went with one called the drunken cow, which was braised sirloin steak with red wine sauce, roasted garlic, pearl onions, and thyme.

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The Food

Drunken Cow – A delicate puffy pastry with a fantastic taste that is rich but not too rich. The meat is juicy and packed with flavor, and it has an excellent sweet taste from the wine reduction with a hint of roasted garlic. I enjoyed it.

Pie Not-3

Lemon Bar – The lemon bar is super moist with a tart lemon flavor that is fantastic. The treat melts in your mouth, and I get a slight coconut vibe from it as well. 

Pie Not-4

Digger Cookie – An eggless cookie with a flat texture but a subtly sweet taste. It has a molasses type of taste to me, but it is very light. This is a tasty dessert if you are not looking for something overpowering with just a little sweet. 

Pie Not-5

Root Beer – I am not sure how to describe this as it is a lot different than American root beer but in a good way. The flavor is more savory as it tastes like it has a few spices mixed in. They also have ginger beer from the same company that I liked as well. It’s funny because the bottle says to hold it upside down to mix the flavor, which is different then I am used to as I would assume it would get fizzy and explode. 

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The store was super hot when I went in, but luckily they had a nice outdoor seating area for you to enjoy. All in all, this is a great spot and one that I am happy I stumbled upon. I would recommend it, especially since it is so close to the fantastic Sidecar Donuts. Let me know what you think if you try it.

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