Pizza Port in Carlsbad: Unique Pizza with a Beach Vibe

This last weekend I had the opportunity to spend some time down by the beach in Carlsbad. It is a great little town that is famous for two things, the flower fields and Pizza Port Brewery, the latter of which I had never had a chance to check out. I love pizza, so I was already in to try out a new pizza joint. At around 11 o’clock at night, after a stint in Gaslamp district I found my way to the Carlsbad Pizza Port.

The Atmosphere

Even late at night, this place was still going strong. It has a sports bar type feel but with a beach/ laid back vibe. Much better than the sports bars of the Inland Empire. The style is apparent in the surfboards hanging from the wall, the old pictures of the way the beach used to look, and the stop sign that lit up green above the drink area. Oh, and they also had a selection of old arcade games.

The seating was communal with large picnic tables that could each seat about 40 people, and it just had a really good vibe with everyone hanging out and enjoying themselves, including the employees. Any place that still reps old school arcade games is cool in my book.


They had a lot of unique pizzas to choose from, but we were not feeling picky. We just let the person behind the counter pick our pizza, and he selected the Carlsbad one. It was a pesto based pizza with chicken, blue cheese, ranch, sun-dried tomatoes, and artichoke hearts. It was a delicious pizza. I’m not a huge fan of blue cheese, but it was good on this pizza. I’m sure their other pizzas are even better.

The worst part about Pizza Port for me is that there isn’t one close to home for me. I would love to come here with a bunch of friends to just watch a game or hang out, but alas, I would have to make the trek to Carlsbad to make that dream come true. Regardless, Pizza Port is a great place to have a good pizza and a relaxed time, I highly recommend it.

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