Ramos House Cafe: Historic Brunch in San Juan Capistrano

Located in the historic Los Rios area of San Juan Capistrano, the Ramos House Cafe has become a renowned brunch destination and it is easy to see why. The cafe itself is in a unique old building from the 1800’s and it sits right on the Metrolink line so you get a beautiful historic location to indulge in your two course meal.

Ramos House Cafe15


  • $40 for a two course brunch with a drink
  • Gets very busy on the weekends

Ramos House Cafe4

After arriving at 11 AM on a Sunday we had to wait for about 15 minutes for our party of two. It is a small place so make sure to get there early if you have a large party.

Ramos House Cafe18

Also, this is not a great place for children. There is no childrens menu so everyone in your party has to spend $40 dollars and they even have signs telling you to take your children across to the park if they are unruly. This wasn’t a big deal for me as I don’t have children but I figure that people here with families should know.

Ramos House Cafe3

The Food

The menu works as follows:

Ramos House Cafe1

Choice of a drink: Mimosa, beer, soda, water
Small Plate: I got Salmon and Lox, Amie got sweet potato hushpuppies and pepper jam
Main Course: I got crab hash with bacon and Amie got the mushroom hash

Ramos House Cafe11

The drinks are self explanatory but they do have some unique stuff like pomegranate mimosa if you are into that.

Ramos House Cafe6

The small plates were an amazing starter to the meal. My smoked salmon came with a generous portion and had small bites of egg, sauce and capers on top.

Ramos House Cafe10

Amie loved her hushpuppies which had a pepper jam that added a light spice to the hearty plate.

Ramos House Cafe12

As an in between they serve you a biscuit with home-made apple jam. It is one of the meal highlights, I couldn’t get enough of the jam.

Ramos House Cafe9

When my crab hash came out I was already getting full but the beautiful presentation and the ample portions got me excited again. The meal was amazing, so many flavors and it came with a citrus cream that was super unique as well.

Ramos House Cafe16

If I had a complaint it would be that it almost felt like there was too many flavors competing with each other on the meal. They also brought a home-made chipotle salsa and after trying it I proceeded to drown my food in it, it was that good.

Ramos House Cafe8

Amie got the mushroom hash and she said it was one of the best breakfasts she had in a while. I tried it and I would agree it was pretty amazing. The flavors were more subtle and less overpowering.

Ramos House Cafe7

There is an option for dessert as well but I was so full I couldn’t even finish my meal. I am sure the dessert is good though if you do try it. To top it off they even brought you mint cover chocolate espresso beans with the check!

Ramos House Cafe13

All in all I was very happy with my meal at Ramos House Cafe. I have been wanting to try it ever since WalkSimply posted it on instagram and I am happy to state that it lived up to expectations. The only downside is the price so you will have to be the judge of whether or not it is worth the $40 dollar price tag. For my money though it was.

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