Restoration Oaks Ranch: You Pick Blueberries on Highway 101

Right after the exit for Nojoqui Falls is a blink and you will miss it farm that has acres of fresh blueberries and is one of my favorite fast stops on the a drive up the coast.

Pick Blueberries on Highway 1 3


  • Open March to October usually
  • 18 dollars for a full pail but the charge decreases as depending on how much you fill up

Pick Blueberries on Highway 1 2

After walking up the stand you will be given a pail and told how the picking process works, but pretty much you just pick the blueberries you want. We were also encouraged to try a few while picking and you didn’t have to tell me twice.

Pick Blueberries on Highway 1 13

With my pail in hand we started the quarter-mile walk to where the picking was located.

Pick Blueberries on Highway 1 14

This is a beautiful walk in and of itself as there is a small pond with a bridge over it. Massive oak trees that you can sit under and a chicken coup.

Pick Blueberries on Highway 1 11

When you get the purple flag you can head in and pick to your heart’s content. I had never done this before myself and it was a lot of fun. Obviously you have to find the ones that are ripe and believe me you do not want to eat non ripe ones, you can take it from me.

Pick Blueberries on Highway 1 10

We walked up and down the aisle of blueberries and had competitions like who could find the biggest one as we picked berries for our bucket and for ourselves.

Pick Blueberries on Highway 1 6

These blueberries were so flavorful and good, we filled our bucket up about half way and ended up paying about 9 dollars for a whole load of blueberries.

Pick Blueberries on Highway 1 9

Pick Blueberries on Highway 1 5

I really liked this stop and would easily do it again the future. The people are nice, the farm doesn’t use chemicals and the blueberries are so tasty. Be sure to check it out on your road trip.

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