The Federal Bar in Long Beach

Downtown Long Beach is home to a lot of cool spots from hipster eateries to trendy clubs, there is something for everyone. One of my favorite places though is the massive old bank that only recently was transformed into a beautiful bar, speakeasy, and restaurant. Here is all the information from my visit in 2015.

Federal Bar 1


  • Get reservations if you are coming on the weekend
  • Valet parking and parking structures are around at varying prices
  • Meals are $15-25 a person
  • I wrote this in 2015, so some of the information may have changed

Federal Bar 12

If you are walking in downtown Long Beach, just the building from the outside will intrigue you into a visit. It has the turn of the century architecture with big cement pillars and a style that reminded me of the old bank robbery movies.

Federal Bar 8

When you walk in, the vibe is entirely different, with plenty of open space and ceilings 40 feet high, this building is awe-inspiring. There are even three beautiful chandeliers hanging in the center and many couches, bars, and tables to relax at.

Federal Bar 10

The first time I came, I just grabbed a soda from the bar and set out to explore. There are two main bars, one in the massive hall and one in the back. The one in the back is only open when it is busy but it is a great place to see. The floor to ceiling blue sky painting adds a touch of color to the 1920’s style.

Federal Bar 7

This is also a good vista point to look over the whole building and take it in. While I have never actually dined here, it is a fun place to relax with a fantastic style. The highlight of the area, though is the speakeasy that you must have a card to get into that happens Thursday – Sunday in the old vault under the bank. How cool is that, right?

Federal Bar 2

So if you are looking for a unique place to get a drink, then the Federal Bar is it. Make sure to check it out when in Long Beach and let me know if you have had the food.

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