San Andres Oasis Trail: Palm Trees Near Salton Sea

Salton Sea really is a unique place. From your first view it is beautiful to see the water and the mountains but as you get closer and see the dead fish and smell the water it is not as beautiful as it was from afar. That being said I still love going out there and I love finding pockets like this oasis to help me remember the beauty, even in the middle of the stark desert. I set out to see the Dos Palmas Oasis but the road to it was closed so I stumbled on the San Andreas Oasis and was glad I did.

San Andres Trail-1


  • 1 mile round trip, no real elevation
  • Dirt road to get there
  • Restroom at the trail head

San Andres Trail-17

After visiting the International Banana Museum I headed out to the San Andreas Oasis which you can find by entering Dos Palmas Oasis into your Google Maps and driving until the road ends. The road it takes you down is about 2 miles of dirt but I did it in my Toyota Matrix with no problems at all so I would imagine most cars can get there. You can see the oasis and the parking lot from the above photo.

San Andres Trail-2

When I arrived at the trailhead (right where the road has a gate that stops you from going further), there were only a few other cars in the lot. It was the perfect time of day for this hike as the sun was starting to set and the golden hour was beginning.

San Andres Trail-6

You can see the oasis only about half a mile from where you park and the trail is easy to follow so you can just set right out on it. The trail itself is sand so it is a little slow going, as walking in sand is not a ton of fun, but it is short so it’s not a big deal.

San Andres Trail-5

As you approach you will notice how big this oasis really is. It is pretty amazing to see this collection of palm trees surrounded by a desert with almost no other plants. 

San Andres Trail-4

The trail continues around to the North side of the oasis where it cuts back South and you can enter into the oasis itself. 

San Andres Trail-8

From here this trail really gets beautiful as you are surrounded by palm trees shading the entire trail.

San Andres Trail-9

As you are wandering through the oasis there is even a small bridge that you must cross over a small little stream.

San Andres Trail-10

There were also a lot of downed palm trees in the center which helped you to realize how massive these trees really are. I felt like I was in a scene from Jurassic Park with how beautiful the area was. The above tree was the most unique as it seemed to grow parallel to the ground the shoot up at a 90 degree angle.

San Andres Trail-14

The trail continues through the trees for another .2 miles and you can get a sense of scale in the below photo of my mom standing next to them.

San Andres Trail-13

After the short walk through the trees the trail dumps you out of the oasis and back onto a dirt road that leads you to the original trail, completing the loop. 

San Andres Trail-15

It was a quick and stunning way to experience a desert oasis like this. I really recommend this trail as will show you that Salton Sea is more than the desert and the saline water. I can’t wait to check out Dos Palmas Oasis next time I am out there. Make sure to let me know if you have been in the comments as well.

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