Shine Drive-Thru Tree in the Avenue of the Giants

While driving the Avenue of the Giants I saw a sign for a drive though tree and immediately pulled over. I had never done this before so it seemed like a fun picture to have. Side note, at the end of this trip I had driven through three trees though and it was still fun. I didn’t know what to expect since this wasn’t the main drive thru tree in Legget but I paid my $6 and entered the small exhibit.

Shine Drive Thru Tree-13


  • $6 
  • Lots of activities and a great stop for families
  • Hours: 6AM – 8PM
  • Address: 13078 Avenue of the Giants, Myers Flat, CA 95554
  • Tree hole is around 7′ x 7′

Shine Drive Thru Tree-1

As I drove towards the tree I was greeted with no line and got to proceed at my own pace through the tree with my Toyota matrix. Even with a small car like this it was a very tight squeeze and my wife put in the car side mirrors to make sure they didn’t get smashed.

Shine Drive Thru Tree-2

It was a fun experience and provided for a great picture. It is really that fast though for your 6 dollars, I am not complaining, but just so you are aware.

Shine Drive Thru Tree-3

Since no one was behind us I got out and walked through the tree myself too. This one was hollow and you could see out the top.

Shine Drive Thru Tree-6

After driving through the tree I stopped at the other exhibits in small park. Out of the three trees we drove through this had the most fun stuff to do in addition to driving through the tree. Here is what is in store for you.

Shine Drive Thru Tree-7

Walk thru tree – This is so fun for the kids, it is a walk thru children’s tree that allows kids to adventure through a tree like their car just did.

Shine Drive Thru Tree-8

Drive up Tree – If you ever wanted to drive your car up onto a redwood they have a platform that allows you to do that.

Shine Drive Thru Tree-10

Tree houses – There are two massive tree houses that are open for children to play on and look like a lot of fun.

Shine Drive Thru Tree-12

Picnic tables and cut tree – If you are looking to eat lunch they have picnic tables that allow you to relax under the shade of the trees before heading back to the Avenue of the Giants.

Shine Drive Thru Tree-11

All of these attractions made the $6 easily worth it and I could see it being a great stop for the family to have short break on a long road trip.

Shine Drive Thru Tree-5

Let me know if you have been and enjoyed it like I did. I should have the other two trees on my blog in the next few weeks for you to compare. This was probably my favorite though since it had a lot of other options.

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