Sun-Maid Store: World’s Largest Raisin Box

Who doesn’t like a good box of raisins? Well at least raisins that are covered in chocolate. Sun-Maid is raisin king, and if you are looking for a random place to stop on a Highway 99 road trip, why not the Sun Maid store and the worlds largest raisin box.

Sun Main Store 11


  • Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30AM – 5PM

Sun Main Store 12

About a mile and a half off the freeway is the massive sorting facility for the Sun Maid corporation and in order to bring in visitors and showcase all of the products they make there is a slightly random store on the property that is fun stop for the whole family.

Sun Main Store 10

Sun Main Store 8

Upon arriving at the store you can see that they are a fun company by the way they represent themselves outside. They have a mock version of the raisin box cover you can stick your head in for a photo and the worlds largest raisin box complete with Guinness book of world records plaque. This is enough to stop, in and of itself but you also get to visit the store.

Sun Main Store 2

The store is a little bit different then what I would have expected. It has everything from home decor to raisin memorabilia. I was surprised that there were at least 10 other people in the store with me while I was browsing the aisles. Some of the standouts are the raisin signs and the sun made monopoly. For the person who has everything right?

Sun Main Store 4

Of course the best reason to stop is the samples though. When I was there they had 15 different things to sample, from boxes of the raisins themselves to orange and white chocolate covered.

Sun Main Store 9

If you are a fan of any of the creations then you can take them home with you for decent prices but I didn’t leave with anything other than a photo of me with the worlds largest raisin box.

Sun Main Store 6

Oh, and by the way, you are in Raisin County!

Sun Main Store 3

All in all this is a great 15 minute stop on a road trip and will give you a fun story to tell your friends about, check out the directions below.

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