Cookie Connection: Homemade Cookie Awesomeness in Irvine

From the moment you walk into Cookie Connection and see its wall of cookies waiting to be picked you can’t possibly not be excited. The red interior with the floor to ceiling painting and the sheer amount of options you have for both cookies and how to eat them makes it an attack on your senses […]

Pie Not: Aussie Style Bakery with Meat Pies

I literally stumbled on the place completely by accident. I was heading to Sidecar Donuts but forgot that it closed at 4PM so I just went into the spot next door and to my surprise it was an Australian meat pie shop that was completely fantastic. I was not sure what a meat pie was […]

Bacchus Bar and Grill in Irvine

In Irvine there is no shortage of good places to eat. Every corner seems to be teeming with a new delicatessen enticing you in. The Bacchus Bar and Grill on Quail Hill in Irvine is one of those places, but with 8 years in business it has carved itself out as an exceptional spot for an after […]

O’Neill Musuem in Los Rios Street Historic District

Located at the end of the Los Rios street, this small historical house is a fun place to spend 20 minutes and get a better understanding of the history of the area. At $1 for entry it is well worth supporting the preservation of places like this and exploring the artifacts they have on the […]

Los Rios Street Historic District: Food Antiques & History

In the beautiful city of San Juan Capistrano you can easily spend an entire day at the mission that it is known for, exploring the history and seeing the swallows. It is just as easy to spend a half day exploring the historic Los Rios District that people often overlook though. In Southern California especially […]

Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade: Where to Watch the Event

Every December for the last 110 years the Newport Harbor has transformed into a magical Christmas world through the lavish decorations of the massive yachts and boats that participate in the annual parade. This is a very un-traditional way to get into the Christmas spirit, one that is a unique representation of what California is with […]

Riding Metrolink from Riverside to San Juan Capistrano: A Full Day Adventure

I fully admit that I never thought about doing this until a friend of mine rode Metrolink to LA and told me I needed to try it out. After researching where to go I decided on San Juan Capistrano since the downtown area was so close to the track and set out to see how […]

M&M Donuts: Fresh Blueberries Donuts and an Hour Wait

I love the readers on this blog, they are always suggesting the most awesome stuff for me to try out. M&M Donuts is an example of that. A few weeks ago I received an email that said “You like donuts right? Why haven’t you had a blueberry donut from M&M Donuts?” After some research I realized […]

Holy Jim Falls: Hiking in Orange County

Widely regarded as one of Orange County’s top trails, Holy Jim Falls is one of the waterfalls that I had just never got around to doing. I love to go to the less traveled hikes and stay away from the super popular ones but I figured I might as well see what all the hype was about and […]

The Big List of Strange, Fun & Unique Attractions in Southern California

I love visiting unusual places. They are often the places that have earned their spot in California history simply because the owner is trying to do something new. Whether it is a hike, a restaurant, or just a collection of odd things, this list is dedicated specifically to the unique stuff I visit in Southern California […]