Whaley House: Most Haunted Place in America

From the moment I heard about the Travel Channel dubbed “most haunted place in America” I knew I had to check it out. This small house in Old Town San Diego has as many ghost stories as it does historical accounts and that does add up to a lot. So I grabbed my camera, and I set out, destination Whaley House, to see myself a ghost.



  • Open
  • Cost 8 dollars for adults, more if you go when it is dark

Whaley House History

Whaley House 4

You can check out the full history here.

The two-story Greek Revival house was designed by Thomas Whaley himself and built-in 1857. The cost of the house was more than $10,000. It was made from bricks created in Whaley’s own brickyard on Conde Street. The house was the first of its kind in San Diego. The historic house opened as a museum on May 25, 1960. 

Whaley House 15

Whaley House Today

Whaley House 1

From the moment you arrive at the house, they start playing up the haunted aspect. I mean the gift shop has at least 15 different books all related to how haunted the house is. You can even buy a “got ghosts” mug, if you feel so inclined. After paying my 8 dollars, I headed out of the gift shop and into the main house.

When you enter, there is someone to take your ticket and tell you stories of the ghosts. She said she had seen many different ghosts in the house over the years and told me to take lots of photos as you never know what you might capture, such as a ghost or lens flare that comes out in the picture. I heeded her advice and snapped away.

Solely for the historical elements, this small house has a lot to offer. One room used to be where they held court in old San Diego.

Another room upstairs was the first stage for plays in San Diego.

Whaley House 16

Yet another room is the location where they used to have an old shop that sold supplies, all of this adds to the authentic vibe of the house.

Whaley House 11

After not seeing any ghosts on the first floor I headed up to the second. Here I perused the room with the stage and seating, which I thought was interesting. When I finished, I turned to the right to see a ghost by the windowsill crocheting!

Whaley House 5

Ok, it wasn’t a ghost it was a worker in her period garb sitting in what I would call a convenient place for messing with someone’s mind. I collected myself then walked to another room. As I was standing there, I heard a yell and ran out to see another unsuspecting person frightened by the worker mentioned above. I was glad to know I was not alone.

Whaley House 20

As far as scary things, the most frightening item I saw during my time here was these creepy dolls they had all over the rooms. Honestly, I don’t need to see a ghost; those dolls were bad enough! You can do effects on your photos like the above one to make it look a lot creepier then it is though.

On the way out I scoped this impressive marriage certificate the Whaleys had!

Whaley House 21

So while I didn’t see any ghosts, the Whaley House was a pretty cool place to walk around. There is not a lot to see for the 8 dollars, so this is not for everyone, but I thought it was fun. Let me know your thoughts in the comments and be sure to tell me if you have seen a ghost here!

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