Hiking Sturtevant Falls in Santa Anita Canyon

The Sturtevant Falls hike is one of the easiest and most rewarding hikes you can do in the LA area. Now while it does have a steep decline for the beginning half mile which turns into a steep incline for the last half mile when you are hiking back, the trail is only around 3 miles round trip and is suitable for most people to do with ease. The trail is located in Big Santa Anita Canyon in the San Gabriels Mountains and is only about ten minutes off the 210 freeway. Read on for the full walk through and photos.

I loved this picture from my Instagr.am page of the waterfall.


By far the most difficult thing you encounter on this hike is figuring out where to park. I have been here multiple times and every time the lot has been full. On the weekends the parking can even be backed up to a half mile down the road. So make sure you take this into consideration when you are preparing for this hike. Also remember that if you are not able to park in the main lot (chances are good that you won’t) or the 10 dollar lot above it, then you will need to make sure you have your adventure pass on display for the parking along the road. I have seem many people get tickets, so don’t forget your pass.

The Trail

The trail starts right at the sign for Chantry Flats and immediately starts its steep decline. Just remember when you are walking down this that you will have to walk back up here in end so if it seems like to much then it may not be worth it for you. When you make it to the bottom, you are greeted with a small bridge and the first of a couple of man made waterfalls. These are pretty awesome themselves, especially when the water is flowing well. Just continue to follow the well trodden path as it heads back into the forrest.

The trail then meets with a small community of houses. I was told these houses are privately owned and people actually live there on a seasonal basis. They are pretty cool and there are about 15 of them along the trail. Some even have little walk ways, as well as outhouses and outdoor furniture.

If you continue to follow the path you will make it to angels crossing. While not much of a crossing there is a piece of wood and rocks that will keep your feet from getting wet. After that you head up the trail for the last quarter of a mile before hitting the waterfall. Once you finally see it you realize how tall and how beautiful it really is. The falls are probably every bit of 75 feet tall and there are always at least a couple people there enjoying them. I imagine that during the summer this place is probably teaming with visitors. I know there is a way to get to the top of the falls as well and I plan to check that out next time I head up there. Check out the pictures below.

I would highly recommend this hike if you live in the area. It is such a nice escape from city life and provides a good workout that almost anyone should be able to handle. Take your time and plan for a couple hours as you will want to enjoy all of the beautiful scenery as well as take some time to hang out at the base of a the falls.

Let me know if you have been here in the comments and check out the pictures and directions below.


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  • Jen

    Great site!! I love that I’ve been to almost all these beautiful places..in the driving directions you stated it was off the 215 freeway but actually it’s off the 210 freeway didn’t want people to get lost trying to find this beautiful places..I’m looking forward Tomorow adventures from you

    • Thanks for the correction! Def don’t want anyone to be lost, I will update it!

  • Gina

    Are dogs allowed on this hike? If not, can you suggest a hike that does? Thanks!

    • From what I have heard this hike is dog friendly hike. When I was there I even saw a dog hanging out by the waterfall. For more information on dog friendly hikes I always recommend calling the local ranger station for that hike in advance.

  • anxious_acorn

    Beautiful! Is it dog friendly?

  • Granny

    I am a 55 year old woman who never exercises. My son took me on this trail last week. He hikes it weekly. It was a beautiful hike. I was surprised that it was not too challenging, although the last 1/2 mile incline on the way back took a few breaks to accomplish it. If your in decent health, it is manageable and well worth your time. It is dog friendly and a safe hike. I went in April 2014 and there was still water.

    • Thanks for the comment, I agree the uphill at the end is tough! Thanks for the water update too

  • grammy

    Used to take my kids there in the 80’s!!!, and this weekend they both took there kids hiking to the falls, glad we found your blog, I want to take the grandkids to some of your spots, THANK YOU FOR SHARING !!!!!

  • sarah

    i went today ( june 14th) and there was still water but its not nearly as much as your picture above, and the main made falls are all dried up, but California is in a drought! Enjoyed the hike! thank you for posting!

    • sarah

      man made*

    • Thanks for the comment and glad you enjoyed it!

  • Tan

    Is there any sites for camping overnight?

    • Bill Meadows

      two places in the general area Spruce Grove and Hoagees Camp, first come first served sites located about 4 miles or so in….. there is also the walk in Sturtevant resort, which you can get more info about from the adams pack station website..

  • Pedro A.

    I was there today..and it was pretty.. that 1/2 mile back ain’t a joke.. thank you for this post..

    • Awesome photo! Thank you for sharing!

  • Mma

    Anyone know if there is still water here and waterfall at this time of season? Would be nice to see waterfall.

  • Hey Josh,

    Did the hike the other weekend with my friends. Thanks so much for the recommendation!

    / Austin

    • Thanks for the comment, that is a beautiful hike, especially when the water is flowing good