Snowshoeing Badger Pass to Dewey Point in Yosemite

Last winter I got the unique opportunity to visit one of my favorite places in the whole world, Yosemite, in the snow. It was a beautiful place and winter is an amazing way to take it in without the summer crowds. One of the adventures I was most excited about having was a snowshoeing trip but I wasn’t sure […]

Anchor Brewing Company in San Francisco

If you follow my blog you know I love visiting places with unique California history.  While California has a lot of historic breweries, Anchor Brewing Company has been high on my list for a long time. This brewery has been hard for me to check off as it is in San Francisco and often has […]

Lake Tahoe Emerald Bay Lunch Cruise on the Tahoe Gal

On a chance encounter last winter, my wife and I ran into the owner of the Tahoe Gal at dinner. After striking up a friendly conversation, he generously gave us a two tickets to our choice of cruises. The Tahoe Gal offers variety of cruises from a brunch and sunset cruise, to lunch and dinner […]

Sierra Nevada Brewery in Chico

With only 30 + years in existence, this brewery in the heart of Chico has transformed into an empire. This is evident from the moment you pull into the parking lot and notice that it takes up every bit of an entire city block just to house all its parts. But when you enter it […]

Kings Creek Falls: 40 Foot Waterfall in Lassen National Park

Located right in the middle of Lassen National Park the trailhead to Kings Creek Falls is a great place to explore the backcountry of the park with only a small amount of hiking. It follows a creek downhill the whole way to the waterfall, so it is easy on the way down but remember it is […]

Subway Cave: Old Lava Tube in Lassen National Forrest

This subway cave, outside of Lassen National Park, is one of the largest, easily accessible lava caves in the world. It is literally a two-minute walk from the parking lot to the entrance and doesn’t worry, even if you are claustrophobic like me, you should do OK in this cave as it is wide open […]

Folsom Prison Museum: Johnny Cash & Jail History

As a Johnny Cash fan I felt a trip to Folsom Prison was in order on my recent road trip. After a little research I found out they had a museum you could visit at the prison, since it is still a working prison, which had a lot of memorabilia for both Johnny Cash and […]

Lassen National Park Attractions: Hikes, Lakes, Caves and Geothermal Areas

One of California’s most under utilized National Parks, due mainly to its location in Northern California, is also one of its most beautiful. This park has everything from subway caves and volcanic summits to geothermal areas and waterfalls. It is a must visit in California and here is a collection of the things you will […]

Floating the Sacramento River in Chico for Labor Day

One of the biggest events for young people in Chico each year is the annual Labor Day river float. This event has as many as 4,000 people floating the small stretch of the Sacramento river near Scotty’s Landing and it always seems to be a crazy adventure. I decided to try it with some friends […]

Joe’s Giant Orange Cafe in Shasta City

When I am on a road trip I always try to find the most unusual places I can to stop at for food. For me, I feel like you miss a lot of the experience if you just stop at chain places all of the time. Sometimes this pays off for me and sometimes it doesn’t but […]