Hash House A Go Go: Twisted Farm Food in San Diego

You know those places that literally everyone tells you to go to? The ones that creep into a conversation like a secret that you can’t help but tell? Hash House A Go-Go was that for me. Literally everyone in my life told me how I needed to go to this famed San Diego haunt that specialized in portions that could literally feed you for a week. So when I was in San Diego I braved the 45 minute wait to see if it was all it was cracked up to be.

Hash House a go go outside


  • Expect to wait a long time on the weekends
  • Prices are around 15 dollars a plate
  • Come hungry as the portions are massive

After arriving on a Sunday morning we checked in for our hour-long wait and headed to the coffee shop next door (which is really good by the way). An hour later we were walking back to our table.

Hash House A Go Go2

The first thing you notice about this place is how crazy the menu is, it literally has everything. I mean there was even a S’mores mocha, which was amazing.┬áThe standout on the menu was the college special though, which was literally a side of bacon and a 24 ounce bud light in a bag. They also had a BLT Bloody Mary which literally came with the bread, lettuce and tomato and the Bloody Mary in between.

Hash House A Go Go3

I didn’t know what to pick but luckily there were six of us so there was a lot of sharing going on. I wish I would have known in advance how much food you get or I surely would have shared, I don’t know how one person can eat a plate here.

Hash House A Go Go10

I settled on the Salmon Eggs Benedict as that is one of my favorite meals, others at my table ordered everything from pancakes to griddle meals. Here is a sampling of the food.

Hash House A Go Go4

Hash House A Go Go5

Hash House A Go Go6

Hash House A Go Go7

Hash House A Go Go8

It pains me to say this, but my excitement over the experience was slightly curbed after eating the food. Of course it was good, but I feel the portions are more shocking than how it tastes, which was less then I expected. That being said it was a crazy fun experience with friends, one that I have no problem recommending at least once, but for me I will probably not wait the hour next time I am in town. I would love to know what you thought in the comments and if you have different recommendations for me of what to order.

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