Jamestown Hotel: Staying & Dining in a Historic Jamestown

I didn’t know it before my time here, but I have fallen in love with these old hotels. The style and history that they encompass is incredibly fun to be a part of. Jamestown Hotel may be my favorite of the bunch though as it has all of the old time vibes with a few nice modern additions. This hotel is located prominently on Main Street in Jamestown and it is a fantastic jumping off point for exploring the area around you. Here is all the info.

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  • Location: 18153 Main Street, Jamestown, CA 95327

The Exterior

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The exterior of this hotel is one of the main attractions. Labeled as the most photographed spot in Jamestown, it is easy to see why. The facade has a colonial vibe that is really beautiful and a large hotel sign sitting on the top. This hotel was built in 1919, so it has seen its fair share of adventure.

The Interior

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The interior has a design that I have come to expect from these old Gold Country hotels and that is a large rectangular shape with a staircase right down the center. The fun part about it is that the staircase leads you from your room to the dining area and visa versa. I for one loved being able to grab a meal then head right back up to my room without even having to walk or get in the car.

The Rooms

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The rooms themselves are decent sized, with a bedroom, small living area, and a bathroom.

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The bathroom is the highlight though with modern amenities like a large tiled in shower. I for one appreciated these small tweaks that made it historic yet still current.

The Restaurant

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The restaurant is located right across from the lobby and it has a full menu with a lot of fantastic options, here is what we ordered.

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BBQ Oysters – These are the biggest oysters I have ever seen, legit two biters. They are covered in hot sauce and come with lemon and butter. If you like oysters then ordering these is a no brainer.

Jamestown Hotel-7

Shrimp Cocktail – It had 6 jumbo shrimp and a homemade cocktail sauce with horseradish in it. The shrimp was fresh and it is hard to beat anything with horseradish for me.

Jamestown Hotel-9

Fried Zucchini – With a home-made outer crust it actually tastes like you are eating a vegetable which is really nice, for fried food. Hands down the best fried zucchini I’ve had in recent memory.

Jamestown Hotel-8

Chicken Parmesan – Whats not to love about a good chicken parmesan. This one does not come beaten flat like so many others. It is a good thick piece of chicken, spiced well and with a flavorful sauce.

Jamestown Hotel-11

Breakfast – Since I like the dinner so much I went here for breakfast as well. I just ordered the normal breakfast of sausage, hash browns, eggs, and toast but I was completely happy with my meal and would have a hard time going anywhere else in Jamestown since everything was so good.

As you can see I was a fan of my time at Jamestown Hotel. The amount of work the owner Charlie has put into the property is staggering, but it shows through. I could easily see myself staying here again, and if you are in the area consider staying here as a jumping off point to exploring Gold Country itself.

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