Old LA Zoo in Griffith Park: An Abandoned Zoo

The old zoo in Griffith Park is one of those places I literally knew nothing about before I went to it. After going though, it has become one of my most recommended places when people ask me for non-traditional things to do in LA. The Old LA Zoo is what remains of the original LA Zoo that was simply left in its place when the zoo changed locations. Also, picnic benches were added to some of the old animal areas, and it was adopted into Griffith Park, which welcomes tons of visitors each day. The zoo is a truly unique location in the urban jungle that is Los Angeles.


  • Free
  • ~1.5 miles round trip
  • Park closes at sunset
  • Location: 4730 Crystal Springs Dr. Los Angeles, CA 90027 (not the exact address, but you will see signs for the merry-go-round when you get close)


I went to explore the area again in November of 2016, and the above video is from that trip.

Getting to the Old LA Zoo


If you have ever been to Griffith Park before (not the observatory but the merry-go-round and horse areas), then you have been close to the old LA Zoo. Located right off the five freeway you will want to enter the Griffith Park area (free) and proceed to the parking lot for the merry-go-round.

Way 1


If you proceed past the merry-go-round, till the parking lot ends, then it is a short 5-minute walk up from the lot to the zoo. You can see the path in the above picture (but all the haunted hayride stuff won’t be there when you go).

Way 2


I prefer the short hike from the merry-go-round area which takes you to the top of the zoo and then back down to the front. When you enter the merry-go-round parking lot, you will see a closed road that leads to a dirt path.


You follow this up and then head right at the fork, after a few bends you will start to see the remains of the zoo. Watch the above video for a better explanation of this.


The first area you will see is the cage in the above photo. As you go around the bend, you will also see the large house below.


When I was there, you could walk right in the house, but be careful as it was in bad shape.


From here you will be right behind the large animal exhibits so that you can follow the path down and around and you will come out in front of them.

Large Animal Exhibits

The large animal exhibits are my favorite part of the zoo as they are well maintained and fun to explore. You can walk into them and look up through the locked gates in the back. The below photo was taken through the locked gate.


This is also where the bear scene from Anchorman was filmed, and it is just a lot of fun to explore and walk around in these areas.


The addition of picnic tables to these areas make them a great family outing on the weekend, and I saw two birthday parties, an art class, and some professional photographers all using them while I was there.


Small Animal Exhibits

While not as exciting as the large animal exhibits, it is still a lot of fun to explore these as well. I imagine these were the exhibits they were referring to when it said they shut down the Zoo for no longer being safe for the animals.

The cages are quite small, but there is a lot of them so they must have housed a decent amount of animals back in their day. These are mostly fenced off so you can’t go in many of them, but there are a few where the gates have been pulled back.


There is a nice picnic area with a couple of benches if you want to hang out here.

This is also the way that you would proceed if you wanted to hike to the top of Bee Rock, the large rock jutting out in front of you. This hike is not too difficult but is probably another 2 miles past the Old LA Zoo. It does give you great views of the surrounding areas if you make it to the top though.

If you live near LA, I would highly recommend you spend a day here exploring. There were tons of people there the whole time, so it felt very safe while I was walking around the exhibits. Be sure to let me know what you think of this spot in the comments and watch the video above for more information.

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  • My kids loved this place – especially the small creek bed in the area across from the old enclosures. Could easily spend hours here, especially if you pack a picnic.

    • Debi,

      Thanks for stopping by! That is the truth for sure, this place is full of great things to explore. I plan to go back with a picnic as well.

  • Brittany Rouille

    definitely having my B-day BBQ here next year… theme: wild things 🙂

    • haha! That is a GREAT idea!

      • Brittany Rouille

        I am Vegan too, so I all the animal ghosts would approve haha!

    • Sara

      Did you ever throw your party? Am thinking about having a birthday party here too. Wondering about it!

      • Brittany Rouille

        Hi Sara! Unfortunately no, I ended up being in NYC for my Bday this year but I say go for it! Kids have their Bday parties there all the time though, so my advice is to look into if you can reserve a space, if not, get there early and stake our your spot! Happy (early) Bday 🙂

      • Today there was a Kings NHL get together, raffle, beer, food, and tons of kids birthday parties.

  • M.

    I have been the the merry-go-round several times and have never been able to find the sign pointing towards the old zoo! I was just there in November looking for it! Anybody have a picture of the signs so I can have a better idea of what to look for!? I am hoping to have my daughter’s haunted theme birthday party there in April! Thanks friends!

    • Thanks for the comment, there is a GPS map of the hike on this site if you want to see if that helps you find it http://www.hikespeak.com/trails/old-zoo-griffith-park/

    • Did you ever have that Halloween themed birthday party? Also, the Old Zoo from the Merry Go Round is to the left and then follow the trail to the right, google maps or hiking trail maps will help better…

  • Joltin Joe

    This is just sad that there are no animals here anymore. Leave it to the millennials to consider an abandoned zoo fascinating….Smh.

    • A.

      A zoo without animals is definitely not what I’d call sad, they don’t belong in cages

      • Joltin Joe

        Oh for gosh sakes they were just moved to another zoo! Further, if it doesn’t have animals than it isn’t a zoo. SMH.

        • A.

          People from all generations find abandoned buildings fascinating. I’m a millennial and most of my friends don’t. Each to their own, eh!

          • Joltin Joe

            Most people prefer a milk carton that actually has milk in it….

          • A.

            Haha, who really cares about what other people enjoy? Get off this thread and get a life, man. Lol.

          • Joltin Joe

            Take your own advice . There must be an empty building somewhere that will satisfy your empty brain.

          • Dick

            Jesus man, you sound like an absolute jack ass to be around with. We all get it, you’re soooo above everyone. Shut up already.

          • Joltin Joe

            Dick would seem an appropriate handle for you.

  • Jasmine Gallo

    What time does it close?

    • I beleive most areas of Griffith Park are open from sunrise to sunset.

  • Thanks for sharing and nice work on the video! I have been a couple times, the first time there was no one and the second time there was probably a dozen or so. It seems like a pretty popular spot now.

  • Lucile Provain

    Hey! Would you say it would take a whole day to explore? Or just between 2-4h?

    • Yea, I would just plan on a few hours. You probably don’t need a full day.

  • Viste Del Valle drive Is a road that is above this griffith park zoo, Bee Rock is actually in front of this road, and from here you can see the remains of a perimeter fence to the zoo in many places above the zoo in the hillside. When you search up the trails from Bee Rock to the Old Zoo, a steep trail is actuallly listed here, use this to go down, but if ya jus chicken (bwuk, bwuk) then just walk on the Old Zoo Picnic Trail, which is actually pretty decent since you’ll see Bee Rock from about 3 or 5 angles, but that doesn’t mean you’ll see it first, but of course if you park at the base of Old Zoo Picnic, then you don’t have to hike from Griffith Park Observatory to Griffith Old Zoo. They locked the cages up because they get tagged, but they make great photography for costumes or a special events, figurines, anything really… those bird cages are really good since someone kindly snapped the linked fences.
    A few animals to note, ton of birds, lizards, maybe a rabbit? I didn’t see one, on a rainy and cooler seasons coyotes might brave enough to stalk Griffith Park and possibly of course a mountain lion, but usually they get caught or run over. There’s a sewer hole at Old Zoo, it’s really small but possibly some might have ventured into this thing, the step is about 3 feet deep. I think it’s mostly a drain for rainy season (if actually any rain) there’s walls going up a valley and I guess these were small dams to keep the water from flowing like crazy… Oh! There’s deer too!