Serra Cross Park at Grant Park, Ventura

Overlooking the city of Ventura stands an old rugged cross with a history that dates back to the founding of the city itself. Only ten years ago, the one acre that the cross is on was developed into the Serra Cross Park, which is part of the larger Grant Park in the city of Ventura. This park has become a frequently visited attraction for locals and travelers alike as it is a beautiful place to watch the sunset or just sit and enjoy the beautiful views over the city.

Serra Cross 9


  • Open: Sunrise to Sunset 
  • Ample Parking at the top
  • Can book events at the park


On Easter Sunday, March 31, 1782, Spanish missionary, Father Junipero Serra, founded Mission San Buenaventura. On the beach south of the present-day mission church, he blessed an area of land and planted a wooden cross. Mission San Buenaventura was the ninth in the series of California Missions to be founded by Father Serra, and it was his last. Serra stayed only three weeks before leaving for Santa Barbara.

Shortly after the Mission’s founding, a large wooden cross was planted on top of a hill overlooking the Mission church. This highly visible cross served as a road sign for travelers in search of the Mission. The cross has been lost to elements many times but it is always replaced and continues to stand above Venutra.

Serra Park

There is not a lot else to say about this park that wasn’t said above so I will just leave you with some of the photos I took there. It is a great place to stop and spend sometime just enjoying the beautiful California coastal views.


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