Rock Hill Trail: Birdwatching at the Sonny Bono Wildlife Refuge

This two-mile trail in the Sonny Bono Wildlife Refuge, right on the Salton Sea, is one of the best ways to explore the shoreline and see the vast array of birds that make the area their home during migrations. The trail is a nice leisurely walk with a short climb at the end, and I […]

Salton Sea State Recreation Area: Camping, Dead Fish & Amazing Sunsets

Salton Sea is worth a visit, don’t let anyone else tell you different. There is just so much to see on a trip there, from crazy art to banana museums. If you want to learn about the water and its job in shaping the area though you really need to visit the state recreation area. At the […]

Goat Canyon Trestle Bridge Hike: Worlds Largest Wooden Trestle

Only 15 miles from the Mexico border, in the southern section of Anza-Borrego sits one of the largest freestanding wooden trestles in the entire world. This bridge is accessible by a 6-mile round trip hike that should NOT be attempted without a lot of research, a GPS, a four-wheel drive car and mental preparation. I would suggest […]

Desert View Tower, Boulder Park & A UFO Retrieval Service

The Desert View Tower is a truly unique piece of California history. This old stone tower was built when the first East to West roads were coming through the area and even has original wood in it that is from that very road. Today you can stop and visit the tower and its corresponding boulder […]

Camachos Place: Great Mexican Food off the Beaten Path in El Centro

With a business card that says “we are good if you can find us” you know it is worth trying to find them. Thus on a recent overnight in El Centro I found myself driving down miles of farm road to this small special spot that has been cooking up fantastic Mexican food for almost […]

Antojitos Como En Casa: Fantastic Mexican Food in El Centro

I have grown up in Southern California and haven eaten Mexican food since I was a baby, so when I say Antojitos is fantastic I really mean it is one of the best Mexican places I have been to outside of Mexico. If you are in the vicinity of El Centro (I know it is […]

Center of the World in Felicity: Granite Museum, Paris Stairs & Church on the Hill

Located in the southeast corner of California, only a few miles from Mexico and Arizona, sits the “official” center of the world. The small town of Felicity, population less than 10, is recognized by a France and a few other countries in the EU as the center of the world. The USA and others still haven’t […]

Salton Sea: Attractions, Art, Mud Volcanoes and Dead Fish

The Salton Sea is one of those really unique parts of California history that has changed a lot in the last century. Formerly a destination location for Hollywood’s elite to play at, now this park is a much more desolate and somewhat smelly place that gets a lot fewer visitors. In that, however, there is […]

Bombey Beach Ruins Along the Salton Sea

The Bombay Beach Ruins are one of those places I absolutely love, but I am not sure if others will or not. It is a total gem for photographers looking to capture a stunning example of urban decay in an area that has a background of a beautiful lake admits the rubble. You will probably […]

East Jesus: Salton Sea’s Artistic Community

Since I was doing a complete guide to the Salton Sea, I knew I needed to see as much as possible. Everyone knows about Salvation Mountain, but few have ventured past it and Slab City to the unique desert art community known as East Jesus. East Jesus gets its name from a slang term that […]