Queen Mary Haunted Encounters Ghost Tour

The Queen Mary is a very popular tourist attraction in the Long Beach Harbor that attracts people for many different reasons. Some come for the New Years party, some come to stay on a boat, and others come to dive into the ships haunted history. I had done a lot on the boat but had never […]

New Year’s Eve on the Queen Mary in Long Beach

I freely admit, I have never been one to do too much on New Years Eve. I always stay up to see the ball drop but usually it is in the comfort of my home. That being said, I have always wanted to go to the Queen Mary as a night on the famous cruise […]

George’s Greek Cafe in Long Beach

When you research food in Long Beach it is not long before someone is recommending George’s Greek Cafe. Located on Pine St right across from The Federal Bar, this restaurant has been serving up amazing meals for decades and does not show signs of slowing down. I love Greek food so I made my way […]

The Federal Bar in Long Beach

Downtown Long Beach is home to a lot of cool spots, and from hipster eateries to trendy clubs there is something for everyone. One of my favorite spots though is the massive old bank that only recently was transformed into a beautiful bar, speakeasy and restaurant. Details Get reservations if you are coming on the weekend Valet […]

Hydro Bikes in Long Beach for Christmas Lights

I freely admit I had never heard of a hydro bike until my mom bought us Groupons to go as a family for Christmas. I didn’t even know what we would be getting ourselves into as we pulled up to the quiet Long Beach dock for our 10 PM tour of the harbor, but man […]

Chill: A Kingdom of Ice at the Queen Mary in Long Beach

Chill, at the Queen Mary is the winter wonderland that they create in the shadow of the historic boat each and every year. I have been going since its creation and look forward to seeing what they have in store each Christmas. The highlight is always the unique dome which houses all of the ice […]

At Last Cafe: Long Beach’s Hidden Diner

Another one of the gems I found on a late night Food Network fix was At Last Cafe in downtown Long Beach. This small, almost hole in the wall, restaurant is something that you would easily pass by if you saw it for the first time. However, doing that would be a real mistake, as […]

Schooner or Later Cafe in Long Beach CA

Over the weekend I headed down to Long Beach to check out the travel show. Having not spent much time in Long Beach I headed over to TVFoodMaps to see what restaurants were recommended by some of the best food shows on TV. From this list I narrowed it down to Schooner or Later which is right on the […]

Fingerprints Record Store: The Horrible Crowes

Finding myself in a good record store is how I would imagine antique lovers feel about a good vintage shop. I love to browse the aisles looking for hidden treasure, be that a CD from my youth that brings nostalgia or a record of a band that I have been waiting to pick up. When […]