Five Parks to Visit in Santa Cruz and the Best Hike in Each

Santa Cruz is peppered with state parks and natural reserves throughout the county, which is part of the reason it’s such a wonderful place to visit and an even better place to live. For outdoor enthusiasts, Santa Cruz is nothing short of paradise. With hiking, biking, and walking trails that take you through forests, shaded […]

Mission Santa Cruz: California’s 12th Mission

Mission Santa Cruz was founded in 1791 and was the 12th of the 21 Spanish Missions founded. Unfortunately, nothing remains of the original mission today other than a crumbling wall. The rebuilt mission is now across the street from where the original was, and it was built in the 1930’s based on a painting they had […]

The Giant Dipper: Pacific Coast Highway’s Most Famous Roller Coaster

Growing up I was a huge fan of roller coasters, you could often find me at Magic Mountain riding everything they had to offer. As I have gotten older though I have not enjoyed them as much as I did in my youth. That being said though an old historic wood coaster on the Santa […]

Wilder Ranch State Park and the Bluffs Trail in Santa Cruz

Located in the Northern part of Santa Cruz, Wilder State Park has both great hiking and well-preserved history from the area. I went to check out both the history of the farms and the bluffs trail. It is a great stop and here is all of the details. Details $10 to park Miles of trails […]

Natural Bridges State Beach: A Beach & A Sunset You Will Never Want To Leave

Oh Pacific Coast Highway, why are you so amazing? This small beach located 2 minutes off Highway One in Santa Cruz holds a rock arch that would even put Pfieffer State Beach to shame. It is a majestic and beautiful full arch about 15 feet out in the water that haunts you with its beauty and […]

Lillian’s Italian Kitchen: Best Dinner in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is a mecca of good food, I wrote an entire post on it here but if you ask me to pick a favorite place there is no competition, Lillian’s Italian Kitchen is hands down the best place in the city for dinner. This small ten table family owned restaurant has been a staple […]

Glaum Egg Ranch: Home of the Egg Vending Machine

If you follow this blog then you know I like to find strange stuff more then anything on my trips, this place is no exception. You can imagine the shock when I visit my friends in Santa Cruz and tell them one of my must stop places is an egg vending machine, but they obliged […]

Where to Eat Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Dessert in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, a beautiful coastal town only 10 minutes from the redwoods, is a bona-fide foodie heaven. It has an insane amount of options for the weary traveller or weekend adventurer and whether your price range is on the lobster or the taco side there is guaranteed to be something amazing for you to indulge on here. While I […]

The Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz: Altered Reality or a Clever Gimic

Oh the famous Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz, a special place full of intrigue and questions. When you are visiting Santa Cruz you will no doubt have someone ask you if you are going to the Mystery Spot and you will see signs and bumper stickers all over town. I had never been and I […]

Sailing the Santa Cruz Harbor on the Chardonnay II

Santa Cruz is a beautiful city with so much activity, but only seeing it from the land is only seeing a small portion. The harbor and the ocean here are teeming with life and the views of the famous boardwalk are stunning from the water. To remedy this we took a trip on the Chardonnay II for […]