Crescent Meadow in Sequoia National Park

Crescent Meadow is one of many beautiful and peaceful places in the Kings Canyon / Sequoia National Park. It is located about a mile from Moro Rock, another popular spot, and it provides access to a stunning meadow that you will not soon forget. Here is all the information: Details Free Must take shuttle in summer […]

Beetle Rock in Sequoia National Park

Beetle Rock is another good viewpoint in Sequoia National Park. It is accessed by a 3 minute walk from a parking lot, so this post is not very long. That being said, it is still a nice spot to check out, especially if you are already at the museum or Big Trees Trail. Details .1 […]

Big Trees Trail and Meadow in Sequoia National Park

Located right next to the museum, Big Trees Trail is one of the best short and easy hikes you can do in Sequoia. This loop trail takes you completely around the meadow and provides amazing views of a lot of massive sequoias as well as the beautiful meadow itself. I highly recommend you take the […]

Crystal Cave in Sequoia National Park

Crystal Cave is one of the main attractions for Sequoia National Park and is a fantastic way to get an introduction into what these large caves look like. This cave, which is only open in the summer, attracts hundreds of visitors a day to marvel at its beautifully maintained rooms as you go on the one […]

Wuksachi Lodge in Sequoia National Park

Located on the Sequoia side of the Sequoia / Kings Canyon National, Wuksachi Lodge is the flagship property in the area. With three separate buildings filled with rooms, a full-scale restaurant and fantastic location near many popular attractions, this is a great home away from home. I got the opportunity to stay for a few […]

John Muir Lodge in Kings Canyon National Park

Located right near the entrance of Kings Canyon National Park in the General Grant Village, John Muir Lodge is a fantastic jumping off point for exploring the park. The lodge itself is walking distance from the visitor center and General Grant Grove, plus it has a full restaurant and a fireplace where you can make s’mores. It is […]

Little Baldy Dome Trail in Sequoia National Park

If you are looking for a trail that isn’t really well-known and doesn’t show up on the park map, then you should consider giving the awesome Little Baldy Dome Trail a try. This hike is a decent 4 miles round trip with a good amount of uphill, but the payoff view at the top is […]

Sugarbowl Loop in Redwood Canyon, Sequoia National Park

If you are looking for a slightly unknown but majestic hike in Sequoia National Park then I highly suggest you consider the Sugarbowl Loop in Redwood Canyon. This 6 mile hike takes you through groves of sequoias and provides beautiful vistas for some of the parks best, easy to access views. Here is all the […]

General Sherman Tree: The Largest Tree on Earth by Volume

Sequoia National Park is home the largest tree in the entire world (by trunk volume) named General Sherman and along with Moro Rock it is one of the most popular attractions in the entire park. During the summer months it is accessed by the park tram which drops you off a tenth of a mile […]

Moro Rock: Sequoia National Park’s Granite Dome

Much like Yosemite has Half Dome, Sequoia National Park has Moro Rock. While nowhere near as daunting, it is still an awesome way to get your adrenaline going and see an amazing view of the park, all with less than a mile of trail. When you enter Sequoia National Park from the South side you […]