Biking in Downtown Napa Along the River Trail

When exploring downtown Napa, you will no doubt find the eateries and wineries to be one of your main attractions, but most people skip over the fantastic riverwalk that runs through the heart of town, and that can be walked or biked. Here is the information so you can go on a bike ride during your next trip.


  • Rent bikes from outside of Oxbow
  • As long or as short as you would like

Getting There

The best place to rent bikes for this journey is at the stalls that are conveniently located right outside of Oxbox Public Market. You can pay by the hour for these bikes and take them all over town. Plus, when you get back you can get food or a drink at Oxbow as well, read more about that here.

Riding along the river is the best way to experience Napa and to do that I would recommend heading up Mckinely St, through the Oxbow Commons Park and then turning right on the small path on the other side of the park.

This ride will take you along the river on a beautiful bike path with hotels on one side and the water on the other.

It is primarily shaded, and it has a few small hills but is mostly flat.

This path goes a few miles, but when you feel tired, you can turn around and go back the way you came.

When you get back, you can continue biking south if you would like, through the Oxbow Commons Park and down to the riverfront promenade area of downtown Napa.

The city is an excellent place for biking, and if you are staying in downtown, I would recommend getting out on the trails. Let me know if you have some suggestions for where else to bike in the comments and read more of my favorite spots in downtown Napa here.

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