Charlie Brown Farms: The Roadside Shop that Sells Everything

Charlie Brown Farms, what is there to say about this place that can do it justice? It is the home of literally everything, from food to dinosaurs to shopping. It is Antelope Valley’s Largest gift shop, it has the worlds largest beef jerky and it can easily kill an hour of your life. If this sounds like something you would be interested then I implore you to read on.

Charlie Brown Farms 2


  • Hours: 8AM – 8PM daily
  • Free Parking


In 1929, Charlie Brown Farms was nothing more than a small fruit stand on the old highway. Fast forward 80 years and it is now situated on 6 acres with 1 of those acres being solely for parking. The small fruit stand houses over 1000 types of candy and gift items in its three buildings and two patios.

The Store

Charlie Brown Farms 14

Like I said above, to call this a store would be an understatement. It would probably be better to call it the Wal-Mart of roadside candy and gifts.

Charlie Brown Farms 4

When you enter the store you will see all sorts of candy, food and gifts. What sets this place apart though is that there are more than one unique store in the compound.

Charlie Brown Farms 6

As you explore you will see a store dedicated to large statues.

Charlie Brown Farms 16

Another store dedicated to toys.

Charlie Brown Farms 7

Yet another store dedicated to dolls. These are just a few of the treasure you will stumble upon.

Charlie Brown Farms 1

When you have looked through the store you can wander outside where there is a collection of dinosaur statues and a bunch of tables to eat at. Along with more shops of course.

Charlie Brown Farms 15

Here are some of the stranger things I found there:

Frog Legs

Charlie Brown Farms 11

No 2 Pencil

Charlie Brown Farms 3

Fart Candy

Charlie Brown Farms 9

Fudge Dipped Jalapeno

Charlie Brown Farms 8

World’s Largest Beef Jerky

Charlie Brown Farms 12

Yes, I would recommend Charlie Brown Farms. It is pretty much impossible to leave with nothing, even if you came in not wanting to spend money. I left with Tabasco chocolate and a fly swatter that claps two hands together to get the fly, and that was with showing a lot of restraint.

If you make your way to Charlie Browns I would love to hear what kind of crazy thing you stumble on in the comments.

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  • There’s a pretty cool marble & glass section of charlie brown’s. You can also get Alligator and Kangaroo meat there if you’re in the mood.

    • Thanks for the comment, I will have to check those out next time!

  • Cristal

    Charlie Browns is always on the list after a hike at devils punch bowl. A couple of friends of mine had bacon soda once. But honestly, their food! Have a BBQ pulled pork sandwich… Delicious! And their chili cheese fries are amazing.

    • Thanks for the recommendation I will have to check those out next time!

  • Josh

    Have to also mention the milk shakes since there are an incredible 150 different flavors to chose from. One of the few places you can still get “date shakes” although I prefer peanut butter.

    • Thanks for the suggestion, I will have to get one next time I pass through!

  • irish bitch

    They also have a bunch of photos of stars from the can find elvis, AudreyHepburn, Marilyn Monroe, james dean to name just a few.i think they were actually taken by photographers!

    • Thanks for the comment, I will look for them next time!

  • Amra591

    Wow they have a bunch RACIST paraphernalia for sale….as trinkets and signs?????
    Who the hell thought it was a great idea to sell a sign that says
    I just moved into the area and have driven by several times…now either I hope they have a public apology about that crap or I hope the word gets out and it goes out of business and becomes a ghost town.