Teutonia Peak: Cima Dome, Mines & Joshua Trees

After stocking up on jerky in Baker I headed into the Mojave Preserve from the north side with the idea of climbing Teutonia Peak and seeing the Cima Dome. Little did I know I could see the dome right from the freeway exit so I knew I was going in the right direction. About 10 miles in, right before the Mojave Cross I saw the turn out for the trailhead to this amazing hike.

Teutonia Peak 17


  • Free
  • 4 miles
  • 700 feet
  • Not a lot of shade

After getting my barrings I started out on this hike not even knowing all the amazing stuff these four miles held. There are mines, the densest Joshua Tree forrest in the world and the Cima Dome all before you get to the peak. Does it get better than that?

Joshua Tree Forrest

Teutonia Peak 11

The trail starts heading through the Joshua Tree forrest and is pretty flat for the first mile. I have been to Joshua Tree National Park and have seen my fair share of these other worldly plants but even I was surprised by home many there were.

Teutonia Peak 9

The pictures don’t really do it justice as they are literally all over! Even encroaching on the trail itself.

Teutonia Peak 10

This is a fun area to explore as you meander towards the mountain in front of you.

The Mines

Teutonia Peak 12

At about a mile in I reached a fork in the road and followed the map I had seen at the start on an old jeep path to the mines. These are not that easy to find but be sure to study the map at the start and you should see them. You can all see the grate that covers one from the summit.

Teutonia Peak 1

The mines the mines themselves are pretty sweet. They are all covered up but you can see them still from above. This is good thing though as there are some mines that are more just holes in the ground and I literally could not see the bottom so I am glad they were grated off so I didn’t fall in. As far as I could tell there is really no way to get into any of the mines if that is your thing.

Teutonia Peak 2

There is also an old broken down house and oil barrel right next to one of the mines as well. If you are wanting to see it all I cannot stress enough that you should study the map at the entrance, maybe even take an iPhone picture as there are no signs.

Teutonia Peak 3

After that you will walk back to the junction and I also went right (the trail goes straight) to see some more mines. This one was right off the trial and was easy to see. It was also pretty massive and contained a big hole with no bottom.

Teutonia Peak 13

After exploring these I headed back to the trial and started my ascent up. This is where the elevation come in and even though it is not very difficult it is still a good push up the short steep path.

Teutonia Peak 15

There are a series of switchbacks and as you proceed up make sure to look back and see the grates for the mines you just explored as they dot the landscape.

Cima Dome

Teutonia Peak 18


There is some shade here so that is a good place to rest as the trail leading up to this didn’t have much. Once you hit the notch you will see the Cima Dome. This unique natural wonder is an amazing site to see. It is a massive 70 acre dome that due to the lack of foliage looks like the fisheye lens of a camera as far as you can see.

Teutonia Peak 5

I had heard about it but it is much cooler in real life. I took a good amount of pictures as this part of the hike provides lots of views of the dome itself from a slightly higher angle so you can really see the spherical nature.

Teutonia Peak 7

The Summit

Continue up on whatever paths you can find before you come to the middle of the two massive rocks. I looked for an easy way up the main one but didn’t see anything that wasn’t some class 4 stuff so I just called this the summit and looked over what I had just accomplished.

Teutonia Peak 16

It was a beautiful view and one of the mountains in the distance even had snow on it. From here you simply proceed the way you came and if you missed the mines you should be able to see them from up here and get some better barrings on how to get there.

Teutonia Peak 6

Thanks for reading this post and grab directions or check out the rest of the photos below.

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  • Gerard Smith

    I took this hike in the Autumn of 2014 after reading your article. Many thinks for the suggestion. It was serene and had great views from the top.

    • Thanks for the comment and glad you liked it!