Joshua Tree National Park Guide: Hikes, Mines, Arches & Views

Located only 2.5 hours from Los Angeles, Joshua Tree National Park is the most accessible national park in Southern California. While it lacks the amazing vistas Yosemite and the massive trees of Sequoia, Joshua Tree's stark landscape is something you need to get out of the car and explore to really appreciate. I always love my time there, especially when I can camp and watch an amazing sunrise or just stare up at the clear night sky. You can see some of my favorite adventures here below. Click the photo to get more details on that specific item, and be sure to let me know your favorite spots in the comments.


Hiking is one of the main things to do in this park. The road that runs through the park only takes you to a couple of attractions that you don't have to hike to, so it is worth while to strap on your boots and explore on foot. Here are some of my favorite hikes.
Barker Dam
Ryan Mountain
Arch Rock & Other Quick Stops


It amazing to visit a spot like there where I actually get to have a section dedicated to the mines in the area. It has been said that there are over 200 in Joshua Tree National Park, but here are some of the most accessible ones.
Lost Horse Mine
Wall Street Mill
Silver Bell Mine


There is one main viewpoint in Joshua Tree National Park and that is Key's View, which you can see below. However, I think some of the best views are just driving down the parks main road, pulling off to the side and just photographing the stark landscape and beautiful trees.
Keys View


Joshua Tree does not have any food in the park itself but there are a few good spots outside of the park that you can see below.
Crossroads Cafe
Natural Sisters Cafe - (Post Coming Soon)

Where to Stay


Most of the campsites in Joshua Tree National Park are first come first served. If you are going on a busy holiday weekend then be sure to get there early so that you do not miss out on a spot. My favorite campground is White Tank as it is near Arch Rock. You can read more about the campgrounds here


If you want to stay in a hotel, there are not any that are in the park itself; however, the park is close to two cities where you should be able to find a good hotel.

Now it is your turn, what did I leave off this list that you love exploring in Joshua Tree National Park? Be sure to leave in in the comments to others can find it as well.

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  • Barbi Lazarus

    One of my favourite trails is the Hidden Valley Trail. Check it out if you haven’t before! At one of the other entrances, the 49 Palms Oasis Trail is also fantastic.

    • Another fantastic suggestion that I haven’t done, thank you for this!

  • Lee Florida

    We go on an annual road trip with friends — we gather from SF, LA and SD to have Friendsgiving in JT each year. We stay in Airbnb or VRBO houses, which is a lot more fun than a hotel. Star gazing at night from the hot tub is a MUST in JT! I want to try out some more interesting hikes this year, so finding your blog was awesome! 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment and I hope you have fun exploring!

  • Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

    Love Joshua Tree and it’s not too far a drive away from Palm Springs!

    • Ya, I agree. It is fun to go to Palm Springs after exploring the park.

  • Vivi Winchester

    Have you explored the Chasm of Doom Josh?

    • I haven’t, it sounds pretty epic though!