Where to See Wildflowers in Chino Hills State Park

This year has been such an excellent year for rain that the waterfalls were flowing and now the wildflowers are blooming. I had heard on the SoCal Hikers Forum that the blooms were pretty impressive in Chino Hills State Park, so I set out to check it out for myself. It was even better than I anticipated, only a short quarter mile from the start of the Bane Ridge Trail. Here is all the information so you can check it out as well. This post is from 2017, but a lot of the info should still work for the 2019 blooms when they happen.


  • Cost: $5
  • About a mile of walking
  • 100 feet of elevation
  • Location: 4721 Sapphire Rd, Chino Hills, CA 91709

Getting There

After making it to the east entrance of Chino Hills State Park, which is off Highway 71. You will proceed through the payment booth and then go about 2 miles to a small dirt road on your right for a horse camp. This is where you will turn, and I parked up here in the dirt lot to start the trail.

The Trail

The trail heads out from the north part of the dirt parking area and immediately starts to climb.

This is a beautiful area even without the wildflowers as the trails are green and lush. You will be walking along the trail with knee-high plants on each side.

The trail keeps climbing as you go over a few small hills. I saw people of all ages on the trail, so most people can do it.

When you make it to the top of the third hill, you will start to see the wildflowers.

There is a small patch off to the right, and then when you look down into the canyon to the left, you will see a bunch of orange and purple.

This is an excellent view as it looks down on the historic windmill and ranch as well.

From here you will want to continue onward as the best part is just over the next hill.

When you come over this hill, you will see the flowers on many of the hillsides in front of you.

It is beautiful to see so much of the orange in the sea of green.

There is a small spur off to the right here, and this is where the best bloom was when I went.

The entire hillside here is covered in orange and purple, and it is fantastic.

You can walk down the rough dirt path, and you are almost immediately in the middle of them. Of course, do not go off trail here so that you do not trample the wildflowers. I spent a good 15 minutes just taking it all in and enjoying the colors.


Here is a Vlog I made visiting the wildflowers.

It is one of the better wildflower blooms I have seen in Southern California, and I highly recommend you go check it out before it is gone. Also, Anza Borrego is supposed to be a great spot for it this year as well. I wrote about my visit a few years ago here if you want to check out that place as well.

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