Where to See Wildflowers in Chino Hills State Park

This year has been such a great year for rain that the waterfalls were flowing and now the wildflowers are blooming. I had heard on the SoCal Hikers Forum that they were pretty impressive in Chino Hills State Park, so I set out to check it out for myself. It was even better than I anticipated, only a short quarter mile from the start of the Bane Ridge Trail. Here is all the information so you can check it out as well.


  • Cost: $5
  • About a mile of walking
  • 100 feet of elevation
  • Location: 4721 Sapphire Rd, Chino Hills, CA 91709

Getting There

After making it to the East entrance of Chino Hills State Park, which is off Highway 71. You will proceed through the payment booth and then go about 2 miles to a small dirt road on your right for a horse camp. This is where you will turn, and I parked up here in the dirt lot to start the trail.

The Trail

The trail heads out from the north part of the dirt parking area and immediately starts to climb.

This is a beautiful area even without the wildflowers as the trails are green and lush. You will be walking along the trail with knee high plants on each side.

The trail keeps climbing as you go over a few small hills. I saw people of all ages on the trail, so most people can do it.

When you make it to the top of the third hill, you will start to see the wildflowers.

There is a small patch off to the right, and then when you look down into the canyon to the left, you will see a bunch of orange and purple.

This is an excellent viewpoint as it looks down on the historic windmill and ranch as well.

From here you will want to continue onward as the best part is just over the next hill.

When you come over this hill, you will see the flowers on many of the hillsides in front of you.

It is beautiful to see so much of the orange in the sea of green.

There is a small spur off to the right here, and this is where the best bloom was when I went.

The entire hillside here is covered in orange and purple, and it is amazing.

You can walk down the rough dirt path, and you are almost immediately in the middle of them. Of course, do not go off trail here so that you do not trample the wildflowers. I spent a good 15 minutes just taking it all in and enjoying the colors.


Here is a Vlog I made visiting the wildflowers.

It is one of the better wildflower blooms I have seen in Southern California, and I highly recommend you go check it out before it is gone. Also, Anza Borrego is supposed to be a great spot for it this year as well. I wrote about my visit a few years ago here if you want to check out that place as well.

Center map

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  • Laila Haghsheno-Sabet

    Thank you for the post and all the details! I’m going to try the Chino Hill walk on my drive back home with hubby & a toddler. It seems that this walk is simple enough, would you say that we should be able to make it to the field off of the spur? I’ve got a toddler carrier that would be perfect for this occasion.

    • No problem, glad the site was helpful! I would say that it is only a quarter mile hike to the spur so if you take your time you should be fine. It can be hot during the day though and there isn’t any shade so just keep that in mind.

  • Ransom

    the cat is out of the bag. there are hordes of people going to the state park. i live in the neighborhood near the entrance. they park everywhere. it’s like a swarm of people. thanks a lot.

    • Claire

      When was the last time you went to the beach or a similar natural attraction? I’m sure the residents of those areas were dismayed by your presence their neighborhood and you taking up their parking spaces . You should feel fortunate you live near a scenic area without having to drive there. People are drawn to nature. Isn’t that why you live there? Is it terrible that other people want to enjoy the state park along with you?

      And don’t worry, the bloom is temporary. Once it’s gone, things should go back to normal. You can return to being a hypocritical miser.

      • Von Von can dance


      • strike freedom

        Didn’t you know, the state park was built only for Ransom’s enjoyment

  • Vidz

    Will the trail be able to accomodate a stroller?

    • This trail was pretty narrow with lots of growth and I do not think you could get a stroller through it.

  • beth

    Hey Josh, thanks for the great information. I live in the area and we don’t always have these beautiful blooms so I’m looking forward to seeing them before they go away. I like seeing the specifics … trail-wise. Take care!

    • Thanks for the comment, have fun it is beautiful!

  • Marina Beebee

    Beautiful and so close. I grew up in Diamond Bar and used to run all of those hills as a kid with my friends.I have not seen so many blooms on these hills since then.

    • Yea, it was a pretty special year for sure!

  • audrey

    thanks for the info! definitely helped when we got there 🙂

    • No problem, glad it helped!

  • Ivan Guillory

    Hi Josh,
    Thanks for your report about Chino Hills. I’ve been watching your videos for about a year now and really enjoy them. I think I’m going to take a group of folks to this park on April 15th………..hopefully, some of the flowers will still be there. But what I wanted to know is what was the mileage on the hike you did on that Bane Ridge trail. Looking at the trail map provided on the CHSP website, it’s hard to tell how far it is. Thanks! 😉

    • If you start from where I did near the horse camp then it was less then a quarter mile to where all of the flowers were.

      • Ivan Guillory

        Thanks. One other question………
        How large is that parking lot at the horse corral? I’m think that maybe we’ll park near the kiosk where you pay and then hike that Bane Ridge trail from there. Sounds like it might be 2 miles one way. But the reason I’m considering that is if the parking at the corral is not very big. I’ll be bringing around 30 people so, I imagine we’ll have at least 10-15 cars. What do you think?

        • The parking near the corral is a decent sized dirt lot. That being said I could see it being pretty full on the weekend with how many people have been going; so depending on how early you are there that would decide whether everyone would be able to park there or not. Sorry I was not more help!

  • Susan Cole

    Hi Josh – great pictures! Do you think this is doable with jogging stroller? I have two little kids and want to take them up there..


    • Thanks! The trail is pretty small so I don’t think it would really accommodate a stroller very well.

      • Susan Cole

        ok – thanks!!

  • Linda

    I am thinking about going tomorrow to see the wildflowers and someone named LH wrote on yelp that they went yesterday and didn’t see any wildflowers in Chino Hills. Do you think they’re gone already or that they didn’t go on the correct path. We are also considering Figueroa Canyon north of Santa Barbara, have you been there? We would like to see Chino hills after looking at your photos. Which would you advise? Thanks

    • Thanks for the comment! My post was two weeks ago so it is possible that they are gone but I am not sure. I would recommend searching instagram for that location as it should show you current photos. I haven’t been to Figueroa Canyon so I would not be able to comment on that unfortunately.

  • Thanks for sharing your site, glad the post was helpful!

  • Thanks for sharing! I like the photo you posted too!

  • JSB

    Amazing photos! Too bad it doesn’t look like this year round.

    • Agreed, it would be awesome to see wildflowers year round.