Folsom Prison Museum: Johnny Cash & Jail History

As a Johnny Cash fan I felt a trip to Folsom Prison was in order on my recent road trip. After a little research I found out they had a museum you could visit at the prison, since it is still a working prison, which had a lot of memorabilia for both Johnny Cash and the history of this 100-year-old prison.

Folsom Prison Museum 2


  • 2 dollars to enter, children under 12 free
  • Parking is free
  • Open Daily from 10-4

After parking in the lot for both the prison visitors and the museum we entered the outer prison walls and were greeted with the famous view of the front of Folsom Prison.

Folsom Prison Museum 1

After taking the obligatory photos I proceeded into the museum and paid my 2 dollar fee. The museum itself is only 4 small rooms, but I still thought it was well worth the 2 dollar cost.

Folsom Prison Museum 6

The front room is really interesting as it has a lot about the weapons, smuggled in contraband and the hangings in the jail over the years. The below image shows all the things people have tried to bring in in their bodies.

Folsom Prison Museum 5

They also had a full wall of confiscated weapons made inside the prison for an anticipated big brawl that did not end up happening. Someone made a spear!

Folsom Prison Museum 4

They played up the Johnny Cash references, but there wasn’t a ton of stuff there for it, some history, the DVD of the performance and lots of images which was cool but I would have thought there would be more.

Folsom Prison Museum 3

Folsom Prison Museum 14

The second room had a lot of things that had been made by prisoners in the jail. The highlight of this room was the 6 foot tall Ferris wheel that was made with toothpicks in 1930’s by an inmate.

Folsom Prison Museum 9

Folsom Prison Museum 12

The last room had a fake jail cell, which was crazy cause it was so small, and you could press a button and have the fake inmate tell you about the living conditions.

Folsom Prison Museum 10

They also had a lot of stuff in here about escape attempts which was fun to read.

Folsom Prison Museum 7

If you are looking to get some sovineers they have a lot of Folsom Prison stuff here as well. As you exit there is a couple more things to see outside on the porch like old toilets, spotlights and some other antiques.

Folsom Prison Museum 17

When we were walking out it started raining and a lot of the wild turkeys that walk the grounds came running through trying to get away from the rain.

Folsom Prison Museum 20

As you walk back check out the sign that shows all of the things you are not allowed to wear when you visit the prison, no yellow rain gear!

Folsom Prison Museum 22

For 2 dollars I thought the Folsom Museum was a great deal. The history of the prison and the exhibits about the inmates over the years were really interesting and to see the famous Johnny Cash photos was great as well. If you are in the area and like this kind of stuff I would recommend it.

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