Robin’s Restaurant: Amazing Lunch in Cambria

During a weekend in Cambria, one of the hardest tasks you will encounter is figuring out where to dine at the cities numerous eateries. After going to Black Cat Bistro the night before and having a fabulous breakfast at Victoria’s Last Resort, I knew the lunch was going to have a lot to live up to. Many people recommended Robin’s to me though so I went in with high expectations, here is my review.


  • Price: $10-15
  • Hours: 11AM – 9PM

Robins Cambria 7

The first thing you notice as you walk up to Robin’s is that it doesn’t look like a typical restaurant. That is largely because of the building, which is a house that was built in the 1930’s. This immediately adds to the charm, as you walk through the door it feels like you are being ushered into someones home, not a commercial restaurant.

Robins Cambria 6

The interior continues to embrace this charm, but we were sat on the patio which provided a great way to enjoy our food while watching life pass by outside.

Robins Cambria 10

The menu itself is very eclectic, with everything from Salmon Bisque to Pad Thai. They call it a global menu and it is easy to see why. They also had a few unique drink options such as Dry Lavender Soda.

Robins Cambria 9

For appetizers we went with the artichokes and the homemade potato chips with cauliflower dipping sauce.

Robins Cambria 3

I for one love artichoke and the way it was grilled was on point. I especially liked the addition of the lemon which adds a lot to the flavor.

Robins Cambria 1

Cauliflower is one of my least favorite things but it was actually done well as a dipping sauce. It probably helps that the chips are as good as they were, I could have just continued to eat them as my meal.

Robins Cambria 8

Salmon Bisque is one of they most popular things so we had to try that, I can’t actually remember ever having salmon bisque before so I didn’t have much to compare it to. I would say I liked it but its not something I need to eat everyday. Here are some of the main courses our group had

Robins Cambria 4

Robins Cambria 5

Robins Cambria 2

As you can see, there is a wide selection of food here, we got burgers, soup and even noodles. I got a dish called Robin’s Chow, which includes pasta, vegetables, garlic and ginger. it was really tasty and I am glad I ordered it. The only thing I really wanted to try but didn’t was the lamb curry burrito, so if you get this be sure to let me know in the comments. All in all, Robin’s is a great little eatery in Cambria. From the style of the house to the taste of the food everything was on point here, and I have no problem recommending it for a good lunch spot.

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