Old Town Sacramento: Old Shops & Restaurants

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Even though it is one of the larger towns in California, I haven’t been able to spend a lot of time in Sacramento. Because of that, I was not exactly sure what to do when I travelled through, but in all of my research people kept pointing me to Old Town as a great touristy place to spend a day. So I set the GPS and arrived in the morning on Memorial Day.

Old town was much different then I expected, in a good way. I pictured it more like the older areas of San Diego, which still generally resemble the rest of the city; however, for Old Town Sacramento this was far from the case. The area itself resembled more of a cowboy town in the old west. It was great, there were saloons and shops, all to the backdrop of a time that is all but lost.

We spent a good amount of time just walking the streets and checking out the shops before deciding on a place to eat lunch. Here are my favorite places we stopped.

Munchies Salt Water Taffy

The candy shop was a great first stop on our tour of old town. It had hundreds of flavors of taffy ranging from bacon maple (tasted like pancakes) to frosted cupcake. All of the candy was in barrels and you could try a sample if you were nice to the lady working there.

They also have other types of candies like rock candy and suckers. I dropped 5 bucks on assorted taffy and spent the car ride home eating them.

G. Willikers Toy Emporium

I am a kid at heart, so I am never one to shy away from a cool looking toy place. This one was even better than most with its large, controllable train mountain in the back to its arcade pac man machine that you could play.

There were toys old and new at this shop and I would love to come back and spend more time looking up and down its aisles.

I was also a fan of playing with the marionettes and there was many different items I would have loved to have  picked up to have on my desk at work.

The Train Museum

Unfortunately I was unable to go to the train museum while I was there but it is on my list to go back to eventually. I have always been enamored by old trains so it is right up my alley, unfortunately I do not know many people who share the love with me so it is not easy to find a companion for this adventure.

Old Sacramento Schoolhouse

This little museum is located right in the heart of old town and it gives students the ability to see what school life was like at the turn of the 20th century. This is a replica one room school house established in the 1970s.

Fanny Ann’s Saloon

I plan to have a full post on just this restaurant soon, but it is a must see if you are in old town. The burgers are great and the saloon itself has 5 stories of eclectic art with at least two cars hanging from the ceiling and an arcade on the top story. Pictures do not do it justice, so you will have to check out the full review when I get it posted.

Unfortunately my time in Old Town was only about half a day. I would love to spend more time there in the future as it is a fun place to walk around, even if it screams touristy. Check it out if you are in the area and leave me a comment if you know more places I should check out in Sacramento. You can see the rest of the photos and get directions below.

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  • http://therivercitysaloon.com/ River City Saloon

    As the owner of The river city Saloon in your top pic., I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. Most of the businesses are owned by owner operators and we love seeing people post about our neighborhood.

  • http://therivercitysaloon.com/ River City Saloon

    I also noticed the post about Fanny Ann’s. On your next visit stop by the River City Saloon as well. It was originally established in 1871. And reestablished in 2009.

    • http://californiathroughmylens.com JoshMc

      I will check it out for sure. Thanks for the recommendation!

  • peakbagr

    Warning!! Parking fees are a rip off at $13 a day and if you park on the street and get it a ticket it will be $42.50. I suggest you pass this place by unless you believe in supporting fat and lazy bureaucratic pigs in the city of Sacto. Head on over to Virginia City Nevada where there are no fees and a lot more fun things to do. Other options are old Folsom, Nevada City or Grass Valley, Truckee, etc.

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