Big Sur: Highway 1’s Perfect Coast

This post is from 2012, and there is an updated version here that has a lot more information.

I would venture to say that almost no stretch of 40 miles in the entire United States can compare to the beauty that is found in the Big Sur region of California. It is full of pristine, untouched coastline, vast bridges, waterfalls, redwoods, flowers, and vistas at every turn. To drive it is to experience a beauty that is all but lost in today’s expansive society. It is one of my favorite areas of California and one that I have always had a hard time writing about, as words cannot even paint close to a picture of the beauty that this area has. In that, I have collected some of my favorite photographs that show a little of what I have experienced on my three drives down this stretch of the Pacific Coast Highway. However, if you want to make the most of it, I would suggest you book a campsite and take your time. Full days can easily be spent at McWayWaterfall, Pfieffer State Beach, hiking in the redwoods, and even seeing the elephant seals. So without further ado, here are my favorite photos. Make sure to comment or let me know if you have your own that should be added. I will gladly give you a photo credit link if I like the image.

Photo Gallery


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